Author Topic: MPG 12/31/18- RESULTS  (Read 251 times)

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MPG 12/31/18- RESULTS
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:34:53 PM »
Why did you do that? Because I thought it was going to be fun and you guys would do well. Before you start pulling hair out of your body and face, you guys did just fine. The Joker ended up being moot, but it was worth a shot. Sure the lineup pewtered out, but you guys did a fine job recalling 35th Plinko and predicting 3X to be played again so soon. Is that alright? Trust me, here's what I have:

Plinko - 5 picks. Sweeper gets PA money.
Double Prices - 6 picks.  4 got the slot right, everyone had it for a win. I get PA money.
3 Strikes - Most common game with 8 picks. JJ nailed it, Cephas and 2K get PA.
Pick-a-Pair - SANDBAG.
Range Game (for a CAR) - 2 picks. Tanzerey and Hag get 25K and 2 MP.
Switch? - 2 picks. Cephas and Flerb get 25K and 1 MP.

The half performances are so drastic, the games seemed to end after half 1. Cephas went 4/6 and that's good for 7/29 and 1st place. By being the only one to nail a game, JJ gets second with 6/24. And in 3rd we have another tie. Both dprice and 123123123 had 4/22 with 2 games in the correct halves.

I am going to be doing a game on Thursday to help ring in the new year. I'll do double each of this week's shows to get us a good pot. We're almost out of time this year, but I wish you all a good 2019.