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FPG 1/11/19 - RESULTS
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:49:40 AM »
If you figured that PCH was going to be at Door 2 today, you were already off to a good start. If not, then you struggled. Game wise, besides Double Cross still trying to catch up on playings, everything else seemed like it could have been here. Here's how that went down:

Side by Side: 6 picks. 2K, Cephas and Sweeper each got 4 MP, Cephas got all the PA monies.
Vend-O-Price: 2 picks. Teddy and priac get 25K a piece.
Card Game: 5 picks.  I was the only one to get 2 MP.
Double Cross: SANDBAG
Hot Seat: 2 picks. I get 25K and 4/8. 985 gets 25K and 2/6
That's Too Much!: 2 picks. Punchy gets 25K and 2/12. I get 25K and 4/16.

Yeah. I pretty much had the right structure down, even if the games were a little different. I won with 10/26. Cephas and Sweeper were pretty much toe-to-toe the whole game, but Cephas gets silver based on confidience. Cephas had 5/16 and Sweeper had 5/13.

The gimmick didn't pay out much, but it was still a pretty successful week in terms of cash, even if the shows may not have been the most interesting. Come back next week for more references and more ways to get ahead. See you then.
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