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FPG 1/18/19 - RESULTS
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:24:49 PM »
I apologize for being out so long, game shows are exhausting and I've had a long month. Let's focus on this game now.

This looked like a fun game at first, then the lineup kind of petered out at the end. This is an FPG lineup I can get behind, some due games, some common ones and a curve ball in there (although why is Gridlock becoming a weekly game now after going missing for so long?). Good show surrounding it too. Here's the rundown:

Switch?: Most popular game with 9 picks. Flerb gets double PA monies.
Bullseye: 8 picks. Sweeper was the only one to nail the slotting.
10 Chances: Punchy was the lone pick, $50K and 2/4.
Most Expen$ive: I am the lone pick, $50K and 2/2.
Balance Game: 4 picks. Punchy, 2K, 985, Cephas each get 10K. 985 was the only one to have it 4th. Punch gets PA cash.
Gridlock!: SANDBAG

Of course, my predicted win on ME was the only game that was lost today, though the fun 10C win probably wasn't good news either. Punch gets 4th with 5/16 (would've been a win if 10C was lost), I get 3rd with 5/19 (also a win if ME was won), Cephas gets 2nd with 6/20, and 985 wins with 6/24. Always funny to see how one little thing could change so much. If that guy followed his friend advice, or if that range was one of those 2K ones.

See you soon for another game. In fact, the next game will probably be already up by the time you read this.
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