Author Topic: WPG 1/30/19 - RESULTS  (Read 556 times)

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WPG 1/30/19 - RESULTS
« on: January 30, 2019, 06:19:47 PM »
Meh, I had so many hopes for this lineup and ended up being pretty lame. Even besides Seat showing up again on game day, there wasn't much to gravitate towards game wise. Although I will say, Lucky Seven was impressive, even if mostly everyone had it for a loss. Vice versa, everyone had Bargain for a win and it was lost. Made for some fun results. What's up?

Bargain Game: 6 picks. 3 had it slotted first.
Money Game: Most popular with 8 picks. Wayo and Kev nail it, JJ gets 2x PA.
Check Game: 4 picks. Sweeper/Teddy/Cephas/2K all get 10K. Cephas gets 4/4 and Sweep gets 2X PA monies.
1 Wrong Price: dprice nailed it. 4/8 and $50K
Lucky $even: 6 picks. Only dprice had it for a win,
Hot Seat: 4 picks. Sweep/Punch/Kev/Wayo get 10K, with the latter 3 maxing out with 4/24 and 4x PA.

It was fun watching the results come out because people assumed Cephas was going to run away with it after the first half, but he couldn't score anything in the second half. This allowed Wayo, Kev, and dprice to catch up and have it come down to the final game. Hot Seat gave Wayo the win with 10/50 and Kev 3rd with 9/45. Cephas ended in the middle with 10/32 and a very high scoring game. Too bad I couldn't gain much traction, but don't wait. We have a game on Friday to see who will reign supreme, come back then.