Author Topic: Buzzr to Air Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour Episodes on February 17th  (Read 2643 times)

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Re: Buzzr to Air Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour Episodes on February 17th
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Davidson was bad, especially when he did Pyramid. He looked so clueless.

Well, at least we agree on something! 😄

As for everything else, we'll just have to agree to disagree (Now THAT'S paraphrasing from the Hollywood Squares!) and move on.
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Peter Marshall would have made the show more watchable, and squeezed some sort of life out of a bad format.

Oh, no doubt about it-- it's for good reason why Peter was always billed as "the master of The Hollywood Squares" when he was in there from 1966-81 on NBC and in syndie. Just as Wink Martindale has been the TTD expert (and remains so to this day, even to the point that he's done several home games of TTD recently which have been posted on YouTube), Peter has been the HS expert (as I say, for very good reason).

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Remind me why Mr. Marshall didn't host this version?  I think I read somewhere that he declined the offer?

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Reportedly, Peter Marshall was very interested in hosting the Squares half, but someone at NBC saw potential in Bauman and picked him for the job.
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