Author Topic: FPG 2/22/19 - RESULTS  (Read 239 times)

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FPG 2/22/19 - RESULTS
« on: February 23, 2019, 04:19:01 PM »
This one was rough. Missing shows always makes the game harder, but we skipped all of Dream Car week without any idea if they took that into consideration or not. This led to a lot of games that were either rare and didn't seem like its week to get played or quickies that are getting played weekly over ones that haven't been played in a minute. That lead to a solid lineup with some low scores, but there were people that did well:

Plinko: 8 picks, only non-key game. Wayo gets 4/20, Our only two PAs came from here. Punch gets 2x PA. dprice gets PA monies.
Side by Side: 2 picks, Wayo and Tanzerey each get 25k and 4 MP.
Pocket Change: SANDBAG
Magic #: Wayo was the lone pick and gets 4/12 and 50k.
Pushover: 2 picks. Punch/985 each get 25K, Punch nailed it.
Pass the Buck: 4 picks. dprice, Kev, Teddy, and Tanzerey each get 10K. Kev and Teddy nail it.

These are all the people in the running for the top spot, Wayo ran away with it from the start with 10/30, but it could have played out differently. If Plinko didn't have a center hit, Kev would've won the game, but instead he'll have to settle for 3rd with 6/32. Tanzerey is in between with 8/28, slotting was the key there. Everyone made top 10, Oprah would be proud.

Now you'll start to see me in the audiences next week for a few shows, so look out for us. Other than that, have a fun final fiesta to celebrate the end of February, and I'll see you back here at the beginning of March. Adios.