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About 5 years ago I had an idea that we could compare international versions of pricing games one by one - after all, there is always keen interest when games are refurbished on the US version, so seeing how different countries interpret the look of the games and their staging might also be of interest.  Of course life got in the way...

I've revisited it this year and collected as many images of the various games from every international version as I could find.  A lot of the ones I collected years ago were from various TPIR websites including our own Golden Gallery, but Youtube has also been valuable in this endeavour.

My intention is to post a new game in this thread every couple of days for anyone interested to rank the various versions and comment on.  The rankings are just to encourage a bit of engagement, so nothing strict; you are welcome to rank them all, or just your favourites and least favourites, and to include the US versions of the games in your rankings for comparison if you wish.

I might post a couple of games together where there are not many international versions of those games.

There are some versions of the games I couldn't find, so feel free as we go to add images of others that I don't have for the relevant game.  Where a country has had several iterations of a game, I've added an approximate year that each version would have existed to differentiate between them.

With all that said, here is the first game...

Any Number or see attachment.

Some initial comments: With this first game you'll quickly notice which TPIR versions are influenced by the various main template sets (e.g. the 'Bob-era' US set, 'Drew-era' US set, UK Bruce-era set, or the more recent French/international two storey sets). 

The new Argentina TPIR premiered at the start of February and appears to be the first to use just a plain big screen for Any Number rather than its own physical prop.  And if you look closely, the early Spanish versions were ahead of their time with a feature that others didn't adopt until years later...

I'll add my own rankings and further comments later on.

It seems as though the Indonesia and Thailand versions use the current Drew Carey routine (numbers on top, possibly crossed off as they are used, so as to provide a complete picture of the game situation), whereas the 70s Australian version was similar to that of the early years of the Barker game here.

This is *awesome.* My favorites might just be the Italy ones--before Italy started using the Euro, the exchange rate for Italian Lira to US Dollars was about 1800 to 1, so that's why you see all the extra 0's on their board. Thanks for putting this together!

The France set actually being a giant piggy bank is cute. I wouldn't necessarily like a set like that for the US version, but it certainly makes it unique from the others.

Brosa, this is a fantastic idea.  I love what you've done with the pictures, as well -- it'd be hard to think of a better way to compare the various sets.

Also, LiteBulb, it's great to see you around here again!

The 1985 picture of the Brazilian version really makes me wonder about the people producing it -- I mean, I guess there's technically no rule that the first number in the car can't be the 0, but it looks chintzy as all hell.

Italy and Spain, if I'm not mistaken, didn't use 0 at all, having just two digits in the piggy bank, although given how many zeros were already in every game pretty much by default (at least in Italy), that's kind of understandable.

Speaking of Spain, I'm sure it's really not, but that picture from 1990 makes it look like the Any Number board is built into the Turntable.


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