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That early Spanish version of the show is a sight to behold - there are some really peculiar design choices for all of the games and several others follow the 'built in' look of that second Any Number board.

The line of numbers on the Spanish '88 set displays numbers 1 to 0, but there are only 9 blank spaces to start the game.  When the turntable opens, the 0 is already blanked out so is not an option for the contestant to choose (I assume this is why 0 was removed from the second set).

The Indonesian prop amuses me.  They went to the effort of copying the US prop... and then just cut out a single big rectangle to dump a screen in.  Also an odd choice to capitalise some of the name.

The Mexican '99 prop is one of the ugliest I saw of any game in any series, with the big gaudy orange circles overwhelming the tiny board.  I always found the pink Australian prop to be gaudy too, but they made up for it by giving any piggy bank winners a literal piggy bank, similar to the ones held on the UK versions and the first playing of the US version.

My favourites would be the Chinese one (very stylish) and the first two French pigs (neat idea and that pig is adorable).

Very nice assortment, Brosa! Please provide more pricing games!

My favorites are the Finland (love the large digital readouts), the Mexico 99 (love the color) and the China sets.

     My favorites are the 2001 France and Bruce's UK sets (also, the green numerals on Spain '88 are fairly nice).

     None of the others do much for me.  The worst are Mexico '99 (looks like it belongs on an SF or space-exploration show) and France '09 (looks like it belongs on Barney and Friends).

3 Strikes or see attachment.

A couple of notes:

- The Australian version's display was not electronic; the model uncovered the correct numbers and strikes as necessary.
- The bag for the Spanish version is attached to a green pole that was folded in against the prop; the model folded it out as the doors opened.
- The Russian version was played with all 6 numbers and 3 strikes in the bag.  The Mexican version gave the first number free and I think only had one strike in the bag.

Again, great work. I can't believe how cheap some of these prizes are--3 digits in the UK Leslie case! I can't picture 3 Strikes being played for anything less than a car, and given how hard it is to win, luxury cars feel right. But that's just me as an American, of course.

--- Quote from: SteveGavazzi on February 27, 2019, 06:54:16 PM ---Also, LiteBulb, it's great to see you around here again!
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Thanks, Steve! I attended a couple of tapings recently (I'll report on those when they air) so I figured I'd check out what was happening here. I saw this thread and had to post.


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