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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #300 on: September 02, 2019, 05:45:56 PM »
Below are the 'original' games from Spain's oddball 1988-93 series, along with a couple of adapted US games/designs that I missed earlier.

Poco A Poco ("Little By Little") / El Nido ("The Nest"):

The contestant selects one panel from each of three columns that correspond to a portion of the price of the prize (the first digit, middle three digits, three 000's at the end).  Each panel contains a random cash amount.  The contestant can either bail with the total cash amount revealed from the panels they selected, or risk the cash to win the prize if their selected panels form the price of the prize.

In early playings, the game was called El Nido and the contestant only selected panels from the first two columns.

La Escalera de Precios ("The Price Ladder"):

The contestant must order five small items from least to most expensive.  They get two chances, with the number of correctly-placed items revealed after the first chance. They win whatever small items they have in the correct places, plus the main prize if all five are correct.

Las Siete y Media ("Half Past Seven"):

This game seems to be inspired by Hit Me/Blackjack, only it doesn't appear to involve any pricing.  The contestant spins the wheel on the left until they get themselves as close as they are comfortable to 7 1/2 without going over.   Once they stop, the model spins the "Bank's" wheel on the right to try and beat the contestant's number (it appears the bank has to 'hold' if they reach 6).  The number panels in the middle all contain prizes, and the contestant wins the prize corresponding to the number they have if they beat the "Bank".

El Gran Juego de Banesto ("The Great Game of Banesto"):

This game, sponsored by Banesto, requires the contestant to use correct small item guesses to scale the money tower on the left.  A car, worth less than the top cash amount, is also up for grabs. 

The contestant is given a ball which they can trade in to continue if they get a small item wrong.  When the contestant gets to the middle of the ladder, they can choose to play for the car on the second highest spot on the ladder and forgo the top cash amount.  If they do this, they must guess which of the coloured panels on the right contains the picture of the car, then correctly guess the next small item to win the car.

Los Barcos ("The Ships"):

The contestant must find the two panels that contain images relating to the main prize.  They lose if they reveal water instead, but can win two extra lives through small items.

El Libreton BBV game (sorry, not sure on the actual name):

This game, sponsored by El Libreton BBV, requires the contestant to stop the randomizer on numbers that correspond to the prizes at the bottom of the prop.  They have ten chances to select numbers, so want to avoid landing on the same number more than once.  If they land on one of the two sponsor panels, they can select any number (ideally one that's in the price of one of the better prizes).

La Gran Cazada de Leche Pascual ("The Great Pascual Milk Hunt"):

Another sponsored game, the contestant must search in the prize (e.g. an actual car) for the letter blocks that make up the word 'PASCUAL' on the main prop.  They win if they find all the blocks, which each correspond to a digit in the price of the prize. They can use small items, I think, to win wildcards if they cannot find one or two of the blocks within the time limit.

As De Copas:
Unfortunately the video that had this game on Youtube seems to have disappeared and I can't remember how it is played.  I'm thinking they had to match panels similar to Matchmaker (which Spain played in the first season), but with a small item element to earn more chances.

Juego De Los Piratas ("Pirates Game"):

The first of three games played on a video screen, this one requires the contestant to guess the fourth, third and second digits of the prize's price from three choices each.   They can have up to two wrong guesses.

Juego De La Aventura Jurasica ("Jurassic Adventure Game"):

Another game played on a video screen.  The contestant has to guess the first three digits, with up to four wrong guesses allowed.

Juego Del Faraón ("Pharaoh Game"):

The third game played on a video screen, the contestant selects the number on each row that, when combined with the correct numbers on the other two rows, forms the price of the prize.

La Escalera de Prémios ("The Prize Ladder"):
This was played in every episode as a consolation game for the contestants who didn't make it out of contestant's row, slotting in between the last pricing game and the secret one bid playoffs.  The contestants have up to five cards drawn from a deck to try and win some cash.  They have to guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card.  If they are correct, they can continue; if not, they lose half the amount earned and stop.  There was a jackpot they could win for getting all five cards drawn.

While I'm at it, here's a couple of other games from this series that I missed the first time around.
Now Or Then:

Take Two:

Squeeze Play (1988 prop):

Punch A Bunch (second 1988 prop):
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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #301 on: September 08, 2019, 04:18:07 AM »
I founded some photos of the Vietnamese version that brosa0 missed:
Golden Road, from 2010:

Golden Road again, from 2013:

Grocery Game, from 2019:

Grocery Game again, from 2015:

Plinko, from 2013:

Punch-A-Bunch, from 2013:

Punch-A-Bunch, from 2015:

Race Game, from 2010:

Shell Game, from 2019:
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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #302 on: September 16, 2019, 04:49:47 AM »
The next set of "unique" games from France:

Murs de Ballons:

The contestant has the chance to pop seven balloons on each of four sides of the cube to win the cash amounts contained in them.  Each side has higher cash values to win than the previous side, and the contestant uses small item guesses to earn the chance to play for the sides with the higher values.   The game was adapted for a Christmas variation called "Le Calendrier de l'Avent".

Le Labyrinthe:

The contestant has 35 seconds to use the touch screen to make the path through the maze without touching the hazards.  They can use small item guesses to increase the number of times they can make an error before losing. Also adapted for a Christmas variant called "Le Traîneau du Père Noël".

La Petanque:

The contestant tosses their ball to knock the balls out of the four rings to earn money.  They can win three extra balls through small item guesses.

Le Prix Selectif:

This is a memory game played for three prizes of increasing value. The contestant has 15 bottles (3 x yellow, 5 x blue, 7 x red) and is facing 15 buckets. The lids of the buckets will open for three seconds with a colour on the bottom of each lid that corresponds to one of the bottle colours.  For the first prize, the contestant has to place the 3 yellow bottles in the correct buckets; then the 5 blue for the middle prize; then the 7 red for the largest prize.  They can earn extra chances through small item guesses.

Le Ball-in:

The contestant must manouevre a plate into the hole that corresponds to the price of the prize. If they are incorrect, the plate will fall through the back of the hole and smash on the ground.  They can earn additional plates through small item guesses.  A variant was played as a Christmas game "Les Cheminées de Noël".  Le Ball-in was also played on China's 2015 series.

Le Super Bonus:

The contestant has to manouevre the ball in the giant compass prop into the hole in the middle of it to win the main prize.  They have 30 seconds to do so and can earn up to 60 more seconds by correctly pricing three medium prizes (they also win the medium prizes if guessed correctly).

L'envol des Prix:

Essentially "Four Price Tags" with up to three guesses available through small items, but using a remote control helicopter that moves to the podium to indicate which price the contestant is choosing.

La Labyrinthe Electrique:

The contestant must navigate a metal ring attached to a helmet they are wearing through an obstacle course without touching the guiding rail.  If it does, they receive a small zap and lose the game.  They can earn the right to touch the guiding rail more than once through small item guesses.

Les Fromages:

The contestant must guess where in France a particular cheese comes from.  They can earn two additional cheeses to place on the map through small items, and can win up to 3500 euro depending on how many cheeses they placed correctly.

Le Prix Qui Pete:

The contestant can earn up to four chances to punch the balloon they believe displays the price of the main prize using the boxing machine. 

Les Cadeaux du Père Noël / Boum:

Another of the Christmas games, this one requires the contestant to touch "presents" as they appear on the giant touch screen to win money.  They can earn extra time to play the game through small prizes.  This game was subsequently modified to a non-Christmas version called "Boum!"

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #303 on: September 18, 2019, 05:11:05 AM »
These games were introduced in 2015 when France refreshed their series.  It's fair to say from these games that anything can be turned into a pricing game so long as you can slap a few small items onto it. :P

Le Couloir laser:

The contestant must make it through a laser obstacle course without touching the lasers.  They are allowed one mistake and can earn two extras through small item guesses.

Le Monde a L'Eveners:

While hanging upside down, the contestant must transfer water from one bottle to another within a time limit.  Beforehand, they must pick the price of the main prize from four options.  The number of bottles they must fill equals the number of picks they take to find the right price of the prize.

Le Goling:

The contestant must roll the ball along the track and land it on the hole at the end to win.  They can win up to four attempts through small item guesses.

Le Photomaton:

The contestant has to put on the items that match the character that is displayed on the screen before running across to have their photo taken at the photo booth.  They have 50 seconds and can earn an extra 20 seconds through small item guesses.  They win if they match three of the characters in time.

Le Prix Au Kilo:

Three prizes are displayed on three different balance scales, with two weights displaying prices on the other side each of scale.  The contestant must choose between the two prices for each prize to balance that scale and win the prize.

Les Echelles:

The contestant is faced with four ladders, each with their own handle at the top. Three of the ladders will fall when the contestant climbs them and pulls their handles.  The contestant must select the ladder that doesn't fall to win the main prize.  They start with one attempt and can earn up to three attempts through small item guesses.

Disco D'or / Le Bon Masque / Le Prix Des Stars:
Disco D'or:
Le Bon Masque:
Le Prix Des Stars:

These games were played on special themed shows.  In each case the contestant is shown five people and five pieces of information or objects that correspond to those people, and must match them correctly to win (e.g. in Disco D'or, they must match five disco-era performers with their album sales).   The contestant can price two small items to earn 'mistakes' in their matching without losing.

Danse Synchro:

This game also appeared on two themed specials.  A dance routine is performed by dancers, after which the contestant must perform it with them and copy as close as possible. At set intervals, their photo will be taken and after the routine, the photos are reviewed to see whether the contestant was copying the routine correctly at least three times.  The contestant can price two small items to earn 'mistakes' in their performance without losing.

Skate Park:

This game is basically "Six Price Tags" with up to three guesses available through small item guesses.

Le Ping Pong:

The contestant must hit ping pong balls into the holes on the table to earn money. They have 60 seconds to accumulate as much money as they can, and can earn an extra 30 seconds through small item guesses.

Qui S'y Frotte S'y Pique:

The contestant must walk through the cactus path wearing a coat with 15 inflated balloons attached, making it to the end with 10 still inflated to win.  They can start with more balloons (20, 25 or 30) through small items to increase their chances of winning.

A 1 Dent Pres:

The contestant must observe a giant mouth and count the number of teeth that appear in the mouth, giving the exact total at the end to win the game.  They can increase their margin of error through small item guesses.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #304 on: September 21, 2019, 02:21:20 AM »
Vietnam has just revived Line'em Up today.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #305 on: September 21, 2019, 06:45:16 AM »
Some unique games from Germany, Italy and Mexico.


The contestant must price four grocery items correctly.  They get two chances to do this.  Once they do this, they then have to choose which of the three columns of number equals the price of the main prize to win it.


The contestant is shown eight grocery items along with their prices, which are then covered up after being described by the announcer. The contestant then has 30 seconds to match the grocery items with their actual prices.  If they match at least six correctly, they win.

Italy (main source:
Chi dei Due:

This game is basically a two-prize "One Wrong Price", with the contestant having to guess which of the two prices is false. 

Gran Menù:

Playing for two prizes, the contestant is shown a lunch cooked by an in-studio "chef" featuring four diferent dishes from around Italy.  They must guess the price of each dish one by one.  If their total is within 5000 of the correct total of the lunch, they win both prizes.  If it's outside the winning margin, they can win one of the prizes if they had the price of one of the four dishes exactly right.

Il Girasole:

The contestant is faced with a sunflower with 16 petals that indicate different cash amounts.  They can earn up to four spins of the sunflower to accumulate cash through small item guesses.

Le Stelle in Gioco:

The contestant can win up to three selections of astrological signs through small items.  If their chosen signs are revealed alongside any of the three main prizes on the main board, they win those prizes. 

Super Vincita:

The contestant selects three numbered squares from a 90-square board and can win an further six through small item guesses.  If three of their selected numbers appear in the six panels on the right of the board, they win the main prize.  If one or two numbers appear in the panels, they win a minor cash prize.

El Misterio de los Números Perdidos:

The contestant is presented with a prize's price that is missing two digits, along with the two digits that are missing.  They must place both of the missing digits in the correct place to win the prize.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #306 on: September 22, 2019, 03:34:39 AM »
Vietnam has just revived Line'em Up today.

It's good to see them adding extra games as they haven't had enough to keep things varied and interesting (imo).   Not a fan of how Line Em Up looks there though, pretty bare bones compared to their original LEU prop.

Thailand has recently added four games from the US series:  Do The Math, Range Game, Most Expensive, Double Prices. 

In Range Game and Do The Math, the panels that display the prices of the prizes are not electronic.  The main display in Do The Math is still a screen.   

Also, I just love the Most Expensive logo, which is sort of a 3D version of the mat from the US series.

Do The Math:

Range Game:

Most Expensive:

Double Prices:

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #307 on: September 22, 2019, 10:59:14 AM »
Their Most Expensive set definitely looks nice. Do the Math looks nice too, just a little too much going on with all the different equations written. The Double Prices prop is just too wide with the price tags and logo as small as they are on it.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #308 on: September 30, 2019, 07:37:20 PM »
Another new game for Argentina last week: 10 Chances.

I usually like their game designs but I think this is the worst they've made so far.  It's a lot wider than it needs to be and the colours don't go together.

I've been keeping tally of how many times each game has been played in Argentina's series to see how the series developed in its first year, based on episodes uploaded to Youtube (which is 180 total of the first 185 episodes or so).  Below is the count through 180 episodes:

83 - Plinko
66 - Gas Money
62 - Grand Game
54 - Dice Game
52 - It's In The Bag
50 - Pick A Number
47 - Golden Road
46 - Switch
45 - Pick A Pair
43 - Danger Price
42 - Coming Or Going
40 - Most Expensive
39 - Hole In One
39 - Secret X
38 - Lucky Seven
37 - Range Game
37 - Squeeze Play
31 - Punch A Bunch
29 - Carrusel De Lizy
28 - Any Number
25 - 5 Price Tags
23 - Delivery Lizy
22 - Line Em Up
20 - Freeze Frame
17 - Bonkers
15 - Memo Lizy
13 - El Super De Lizy
13 - Flip Flop
13 - Make Your Move
9 - Master Key
7 - Shopping Spree
1 - 10 Chances

Shopping Spree and Flip Flop appear to have been retired.  Both were in the original rotation of games, but Shopping Spree was played 6 times in the first 30 episodes with its 7th and last appearance in episode 68, while Flip Flop's last appearance was in episode 106.   Line Em Up and Secret X were also in the initial rotation and haven't appeared since episode 144, which is quite a large gap for this series.  Likewise, 5 Price Tags was last played in episode 146.

Memo Lizy on the other hand is one of the latest games to debut but has already been played 15 times in 25 episodes.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #309 on: September 30, 2019, 07:40:25 PM »
The proportions are a bit wonky but at least it takes a break from the pastels usually utilized.
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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #310 on: September 30, 2019, 10:25:16 PM »
IMO it's not terrible, but yes the blue doesn't really fit with the green. I do like how the green part feels like a nod to our version's original set though.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #311 on: October 14, 2019, 07:23:17 AM »
Some images from Germany's 2017 series, which I completely missed previously.

Take Two

Race Game

Clock Game

Cliff Hangers

Golden Road



5 Price Tags

Contestant's Row

Big Wheel


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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #312 on: October 18, 2019, 06:13:21 PM »
El Libereation BBV is more or less Any Number with a twist

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #313 on: November 08, 2019, 10:48:37 PM »
Another new game debuted in Argentina recently: Precio Explosivo.

The contestant is shown a prize along with four prices and must avoid selecting the price of the prize until only that correct price is left (much like Gas Money, only with no cash/bail out option).  If they select the price of the prize it 'explodes' in glitter and they lose.

It's already been played 5 times, while two other games (5 Price Tags and Bonkers) haven't been played in a very long time which would suggest they've been added to the 'retired' pool of games.

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Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Reply #314 on: November 23, 2019, 06:13:35 AM »
Vietnam had just repainted their Line'em Up set today.

Also, they announced on Facebook that there will be new hosts starting from December. It appeared that former Vietnamese Wheel Of Fortune host Tuấn Tú is going to be one of the two new hosts of Vietnamese Price. The other host is confirmed female.

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