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May 14, 1990
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First Four: Karyn, Timothy, Kimberly, Willie

IUFB1: Sailboat (winner also receives Roffler's Thick & Rich Shampoo)
Karyn: $1500
Timothy: $1800*
Kimberly: $1350 (but her display initially shows $1850)
Willie: $1
ARP: $1895

Kimberly probably wishes she did bid $1850!

PG1: Any Number--Played for a Desk Set or Nissan Sentra

First pick: 5, second number in Desk
Second pick: 6, first number in Desk
Third pick: 8, first number in Piggy Bank
Fourth pick: 7, first number in Car
Fifth pick: 2, third number in Piggy Bank
Sixth pick: 3, third number in Car
Seventh pick: 9, second number in Car
Eighth pick: 4, fourth number in Car

Other ARPs: Desk--$650, Piggy Bank--$8.12


Second Calldown: Melvin

IUFB2: Ceiling Fan Light
Melvin: $350
Kimberly: $412
Willie: $500* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Karyn: $501
ARP: $500

PG2: Check-Out--Played for a Dining Room Group ($3,726)

GP1: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda; guesses 59, ARP--32
GP2: Hershey's Golden Almond Solitaires; guesses $1.00, ARP--$1.08
GP3: Surf Detergent; guesses $2.89, ARP--$2.29
GP4: Caffree Toothpaste; guesses $2.00, ARP--$1.89
GP5: Murphy Oil Soap; guesses $2.50, ARP--$2.39

TOTALS: Guessed--$8.98, Actual--$7.97

Difference: $1.01


The losing sound is BUZZ!

Third Calldown: Lisa

IUFB3: Entertainment Cabinet
Lisa: $500
Karyn: $600
Melvin: $800*
Kimberly: $475
ARP: $1275

PG3: Bump--Played for a Bar Set and Dart Game

Bar Set: $1,450
Dart Game: $1,807

End Buses: $2,195

Melvin decides to bump to left

ARP of Bar Set: $1,807
ARP of Dart Game: $2,195


Willie: .70
Melvin: .75
Timothy: .30+.05=.35

Melvin is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Olivia

IUFB4: Luggage
Olivia: $450*
Kimberly: $600
Lisa: $600 $650
Karyn: $651
ARP: $515

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for a Stereo Recliner, Washer/Dryer and Motor Scooter

Olivia picks #1

ARP of #2: $1,259
ARP of #3: $1,198
ARP of #1: $1,895


Fifth Calldown: Denise

IUFB5: Garden Bench (winner also receives Curad Kid-Size Bandages)
Denise: $1100
Kimberly: $1150
Lisa: $1500
Karyn: $1*
ARP: $805

PG5: Temptation--Played for a Geo Metro, and these four gifts...

Trunk--$480, picks 8
Refrigerator/Freezer--$799, picks 7
Gift Basket--$400, picks 0
Soccer Table--$995, picks 5

Total ARP of gifts: $2,674

No changes

Karyn decides to take prizes

ARP: $8,745


One thing's for certain: The second SCSD will be all-female to balance out the all-male first SCSD. The question, though, is: Will Kimberly be a part of that? So far, she hasn't gotten up on stage since the start of the show, and this will be her final chance.

Final Calldown: Michelle

IUFB6: 35mm Camera
Michelle: $600
Denise: $475
Kimberly: $600 $650
Lisa: $476*
ARP: $530

Kimberly's day is over, as she is now in the FFBC.

PG6: Lisa is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!

SP1: Vacuum Cleaner Kit, wrong price--$24 (guesses 4, ARP: $44)
SP2: Watch, wrong price--$16 (guesses 6, ARP: $26)
SP3: Popcorn Maker, wrong price--$57 (guesses 7, ARP: $52)
SP4: Kitchen Radio, wrong price--$43 (guesses 3, ARP: $83)

First chip: $0
Second chip: $1,000
Third chip: $1,000
Fourth chip: $500

Total: $2,500


Lisa: .55
Karyn: .70
Olivia: .75

Olivia is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Melvin
Runner-Up: Olivia

Living Room Group, Golf Clubs, Scotland
Melvin passes to Olivia, who bids $18,000

Swimsuit, '57 T-Bird 45 RPM Jukebox, Dune Buggy
Melvin bids $10,500

All the prizes in the second Showcase are pink.

ARP of Olivia's Showcase: $8,903 (OVER)
ARP of Melvin's Showcase: $15,224 (Difference: $4,724)

Melvin wins his Showcase, and takes home $20,501 in cash and prizes!