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FPG 3/8/19 - RESULTS
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:30:01 PM »
So this is the game that I got to say with JJ and the results were surprisng to say the least. I wasn't expecting (mostly) everyone to go with It's in the Bag because Stack the Deck was so due or that Bargain would also be a SANDBAG. I did know that Money being won (even being Exact'd) would screw over a lot of people and it did.

For the non-watching side of me, it's all your Friday Favorites. Money Game on Back-to-back Fridays, 3rd playing of Move in a row on a Friday, Hot Seat's loved it, honestly if Bargain was Math then this would be pretty much every Friday this season. Here's the rundown:

Pick-a-Number: 7 picks. Kev nailed it, Hag and Sweeper get the lone PA monies.
Make Your Move: Kev had it second and gets $50K and 2/4.
Stack the Deck: 123 gets $50K and 2/6.
Bargain Game: SANDBAG
Money Game: 5 picks. 4 had it 5th, but no one had it for a win.
Hot Seat: SANDBAG #2

Kev nailed it from the start and never looked back. Easily takes the win, bonus points and Runner-Runner bonus. He had 6/16 for the gold, 2K get silver with 4/16 and Wayo gets 3rd with 4/6. Low scores, but you can all rest easy for a little while. Because of March Madness and some weird shuffling, our next game isn't until March 25th, so mark your calendars for then.