Author Topic: FPG 3/29/19 - RESULTS  (Read 175 times)

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FPG 3/29/19 - RESULTS
« on: March 29, 2019, 02:00:21 PM »
This was a weird one. Between all the messy shuffling and unknown games, you'd think this would be a crapshoot. But all the games were picked on by at least two people. Especially when we get our old Friday Favorites of Do the Math and Hot Seat, this lineup was surprisingly normal and regular for a Friday. But add in slotting shenanigans and results that were unexpected, list-tearing and exciting, this one was weird in all the right ways. No nailed games though, think that's a first in a while. Here's the rundown:

Cover Up: 3 picks. Wayo, Sweeper and Hag each get 15K. No one had it for a win.
Double Prices: 7 picks. dprice was the only to have it second, but for a win. I get 1x PA.
Hot Seat: Kev and Wayo each get 25K, 2/12 and 2x PA. Of all the days to have a win.
Do the Math: 6 picks. Teddy was the only one to have it 4th.
Any Number: 6 picks. No one had it 5th.
Grocery Game: 2 picks. I and JJ get 25K.

This was a really close finish and 3 CP separated 1st from 3rd. Wayo eked the win out with 6/22, Kev got silver with 6/21 and I got the bronze with 6/19. Shows you that confidence does matter in this game. Also how much of a role results play and that sometimes the contestants are better (or worse) than we expect, can't always predict the expected result with a game. Should be back to normal next week and I hope you all have a fun April Fool's Day.