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FPG 4/5/19 - RESULTS
« on: April 10, 2019, 11:43:38 AM »
So, why they moved the shows is still a mystery, but either way we were going to have to play FPG games with them. Original Friday had Triple Play, 2 turntable 1Ps, no SP and Grand 2nd. The new show had Vend/Bonus for the first time, Cars 1/6, Tempt 1st and not a quickie second, and oh yeah, another FPG appearance of Do the Math. This game was all over the place, but there was one thing that was consistent, I'll mention that in a bit. Here's a rundown:

Temptation: 2 picks. Wayo and Hag each get 25K. Wayo nails it.
Vend-O-Price: 6 picks. Some had it for a win, some had it second. No one had both. Kev gets 2x PA.
Side by Side: Hag was the only one to get it and gets 1/4 and 50K.
Bonus Game: 3 picks. 2K, Wayo, and Sweep each get 15K. Wayo maxes out and gets 4x PA.
Do the Math: 4 picks. Kev, I, Tanzerey, and 2K each get 10K. I get PA.
Gridlock!: 12 picks. Spoiled, Wayo, Kev, 2K, Cephas, and Punch got the slot right.

Unfortunate that the spoiler prevented anyone from maxing out their PAs, but I don't think Wayo will be complaining. He ran from the start and never looked back. He gets all the bonuses and handily wins with 14/54. The classic trio takes all three as Kev silvers with 8/18 and 2K gets bronze with 7/11. Shoutout goes to Hag for getting 4 games right and getting the most bonus cash, but only placing 7th due to some bad luck. That's how it goes sometimes. We will be normal this week, but next week is weird. I'll explain then. Here's the results.