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FPG 4/12/19 - RESULTS
« on: April 12, 2019, 01:43:13 PM »
Every game of FPG has its own quirks, this week's was that every game had appeared in the last two weeks (in production order). This was a game where patterns were played (Time consistently going 2 weeks in a row and Any also doing a Friday two weeks later), and surprises came out of nowhere. No one was expecting Tags and Bargain was not due here. Because of all this, it lead to relatively week scores with no one getting more than two games right. Here's the rundown:

Any Number: 5 picks. Wayo was the only one to pick it for a win and nailed it.
Bargain Game: 2 picks. Tan8 and Teddy each receive $25K and 1 MP.
Time I$ Money: 2 picks. Wayo and 2K both max out and get $25K. 2K also gets 4x PA.
Balance Game: 2 picks. Hag and I each receive $25K. I had it 4th, Hag had it for a win.
5 Price Tags: SANDBAG.
Squeeze Play: 3 picks. Hag, JJ, and Cephas each get $15K. JJ gets 2x PA.

Wayo wins again with 8/32 off because of that Any Number win. If Any was lost, 2K would have won, but I'm pretty sure he's fine with a silver medal for 6/34. He wins cash wise because of that very lucky Time loss. If Any and Balance were both lost, I'd win, but I am perfectly fine settling on bronze with 4/22. It was odd, but next week is a little odder.

I had a friend who was at the show next week and they told me the lineup. I did not realize it was for Friday until after he'd already told me, so I can't play next week, but you all still can. Hopefully I have the lineup down in the right order and I hope you will come back next week to figure out what lineups will come next. See you all then.