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May 18, 1990
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:35:47 AM »
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Re: May 18, 1990
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Here are some noticeable observations in this episode, some are weird that normally aren't used in this circumstance:
  • Janice is not in this episode, I have to wonder if she was sick that taping day or just took the day off. Bob does mention that Carla is the model for this week (based on that next Friday didn't count because of the Home Viewer Showcase reveal, I think she lasted through next week's episodes and the Monday for the final week of Season 18).
  • Punch a Bunch by this playing began to describe the prizes one at a time again, however some playings may have used the old method to describe all at once on an alternate so I don't know whether if this current method was permanent yet. Speaking of it more than $10,000 was won (unlike the one from 2003 no graphic was used this playing).
  • Speaking of dings, clangs, and whoops they really got a lot of mileage with the Punch a Bunch $10,100 win and all $1,000 winners plus another $5,000 win in the showcase showdowns, all being used together at once.