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Re: Ask me anything about my appearance
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While I am now an English teacher, I was a software trainer for almost 13 years, so I'm not afraid of being in front of people and I know how to keep things lively without going overboard. That said, I think the key for me was that I attended two tapings. My first interview with Stan was rather nondescript, but I got his attention in the studio while the show was going on. Long story short, I have a loud voice, I was seated about 7 rows back of the green podium, and I've seen the show enough to know when to shout to beat everyone else's shouting. So on the show that aired on 4/8, during Cliff Hangers, as soon as George was done with the SP descriptions, I shouted "20 30 40" and then the prizes ended up being, well, $20, $30, and $40. I could see Stan look my way when that happened. By some dumb luck, I got an IUFB exactly right (cameras & a case for $730,) again loud enough so plenty of people could hear me. I also helped the contestant who played Safe Crackers to win that game, as he wanted to go $790 for the headphones, but by doing some math I knew they were $970 and got his friends' attention to get him to change it. (And in fact, that's where I got my $970 bid that I used to win the headphones that got me on stage.) Each time I got something right, I could see Stan look at me out of the corner of my eye.

So at my next taping two days later, I had a ton of confidence since I knew the whole process I was going to go through and had had a great day at the first taping. Stan recognized me immediately and was able to banter with me about it when he asked me my favorite game. I said Pathfinder and when I started to say why, he added, "...and the strategy, right?" My response was "there's strategy in those bouncing lights?" and when Stan said yes, I mockingly ducked in shame. I admit when they put me in the back left corner behind George, I didn't think I'd get picked--I thought they stuck me there because I was too helpful and they didn't want me doing that again. Looking back, though, they seem to put people there whom they think will have a great reaction when they get called on down.

Talking to the other contestants after the show was over, for about half of us, it was our 2nd or later taping, and the other half it was their first taping. But of course way more than half of a typical audience is attending their first taping, so based on this very unscientific survey, it seems attending multiple tapings can really help your chances. This does make sense--if Stan can talk to you multiple times and see you in action in the studio, he might see something he didn't see in a single 30 second conversation.