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FPG 5/24/19 - RESULTS
« on: May 26, 2019, 09:53:51 PM »
While I was out of town, I got to see the show late, and it was a generic Hot Seat lineup. I'm not really surprised, but it's still kind of lame. I don't really have much else to say, so let's do the rundown:

That's Too Much! - 10 picks. Only 123 didn't pick it. 985, JJ maxed it, Punchy also nailed it
Flip Flop - SANDBAG
Hot Seat - 10 picks. Only Tan8 didn't pick it. 5 people nailed it, Wayo and Kev maxed.
Bullseye - Only Flerb picked it.
Switch? - 3 picks. Wayo, 985, Cephas each get 1 MP.
Any Number - 2 picks.  Kev and Wayo picked it and Wayo nailed it.

Flip Flop was the big surprise here, but even then it doesn't really help this lineup.

Let's see how 2K and I would've done with our for fun picks:


1. That's Too Much! (L 3)
2. Flip Flop (L 1)
3. Hot Seat (L 6)
4. Make Your Move (L 4)
5. Pick-a-Number (L 2)
6. Stack the Deck (L 5)


1. Money Game (L 5)
2. Most Expen$ive (W 2)
3. Hot Seat (L 6)
4. Switch? (W 4)
5. Pushover (W 1)
6. Stack the Deck (L 3)

I would've had 5/28, good for 7th place, but 2K, he would've had 12/40. That would've won him the game and he would've stopped the sandbag. Aw. Congrats to those who did make it though, Wayo wins handily with 11/45, JJ ran out of the gate and took silver with 8/44, and Kev is right behind with 8/40 and the bronze.

Dream Car is looking really good for FPG next week and I hope it doesn't get spoiled it. If we can play it, I bet it will be a really fun game. See you all then.
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