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Is it time to give HYO another try?

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I’ve been talking via PM with PayingTheRent, who encouraged me to post this thread.

Like The Price is Right itself, is an old warhorse. Sure, it’s had its ebbs and flows like everything else, but even after nearly two decades of existence, this site is not only still kicking, but still one of the best TPiR resources on the net, if not the best.

In the site’s heyday, one of the most memorable sections was the Host Your Own subforum. Host Your Own (or HYO) was a special section of the site where members could host and act as contestants playing mock games of The Price is Right.

In its prime, HYO was one of the most creative, inventive places on the site--forum members had a chance to put their own personal touch on the show. Unfortunately as time passed and the site’s demographics changed, many of the forum’s most active members could no longer devote the time or attention they had in the past. This meant the section only served to attract trolls and members who only signed up to play or host HYO and never interacted with others anywhere else, so in the end the mods decided it would be best to shut it down. Like many classic shows, it had a great run but eventually it burnt itself out.

However, over the past two and a half years, the site’s managed to attract a newer generation of posters that have joined and actively participate on the boards. The community has been clipping along and growing in a positive direction. With that in mind… could it be time to give HYO another try?

I know a few others have expressed a desire to see the section return. I've mentioned this to PTR and cu, as well as the rest of the mod team, and they’ve indicated that they are absolutely willing to have a discussion about a possible future of HYO, provided there is enough general forum interest.

So with their blessing, I’d like to open up those questions to the rest of the forum—

Is there enough demand on the site for HYO to make a return? Would there be enough active site members hosting and playing to keep the board active?

If HYO were to come back, how could we make sure it stays active in meaningful ways, instead of attracting people who post just to post? How could we encourage active, quality posters to give the section appropriate attention?

I guess I’ll go first:

I've hosted my own shows elsewhere on another site a few summers ago, and I have some old pricing game graphics on my server collecting dust.  I’d love a reason to blow the mothballs off during the summer months. I was even toying with trying together a mini weekly pricing game tournament in OLIF. But—gotta be honest—I LOVED reading the HYO section. I never participated until after its heyday, (mostly lurked here for years until 2017), but it was the place to go to see fellow community members show off their art, pricing skills, and creative riffs on the show.

So what could HYO specifically offer the forum in 2019?

* I’ll bet there are a few people in this new crop that have real hosting talents. I know there are one or two others who joined the site recently who were disappointed they never got a chance to participate in its heyday.
* The summer hiatus is about to start—without the show, there’s a void of Price discussion. HYOs would help keep people active during the summer.
* A well-done HYO encourages people to think creatively about the show in ways they normally wouldn’t. Creative thinking leads to better discussion.
* If done right, it could be a great way for people to get to know each other’s personalities a little better; a fun, new way to blend the new guard with members of the old guard
As for how it could be implemented? In addition to the past rules (only one or two shows going on at a time, hosts must get scripts approved by a mod, etc.), here's a few suggestions:

* hiding the board from non-members, same as the pricing game reviews. While they can be a fun perk of the community, HYOs shouldn’t become the only reason for signing up. Better to have the most visible features be focused on “real” TPIR—ideally games like HYO should supplement our talk about TPIR, not replace it.
* making the section “read only” for accounts that have less than a certain number of posts (100 or 200 or so) or accounts created less than 6 months ago. Posting privileges in the section would unlock once the qualifications are reached. This would cut down on “i clearly didn't read the rules but sign up here” troll posts, help new members get started off on the right foot, and keep a focus on quality participation over a quantity of participation.
* beginning each thread with a brief recap of the forum rules, just so they are crystal clear for all onlookers in the section.

I also think an overall “less is more” approach would be wise, focusing on quality shows over quantity. Making half-hour episodes the norm could be very beneficial. They’re less of a time commitment for hosts and contestants, and they would encourage focus on polishing a short, current show rather than slapping together a long one. It could even be kept to a seasonal thing, reserved for the summer months to fill the void when CSS and the FPG and general show discussion winds down.

Given the chance, I’d love to see what the community can do. I think with a tight focus, it could be a fun summer activity and a way to celebrate both hosting flair and pricing skills. I’d love to support it if the mods and the rest of the community see fit to give it another go.

I would love to see HYO make a return. I had wanted to make one for a long time, and had even gone as far as to piece one together, but this was right when HYO closed up, therefore, I took my HYO stuff and applied it to the Weekly Pricing Games I've been doing. An HYO return would give me an opportunity to do not only full shows, but to have everybody on the same page. I'm down for it!

I haven't been a member for very long, compared to some of you (in fact, it will be one year this next Tuesday) but I can tell you that the ultimate dream for the vast majority of us is to get up on stage on TPIR. While that can't happen on a regular basis, HYO can.  Who doesn't want to be a part of ilovesuperball's antics (remember those? Those were gut-busters to read!) Ever wanted a chance to win 100K on Pay the Rent? Here's your chance. Have you wanted to roll that Superball up the ramp and win a brand new car? Now is a perfect opportunity. For others, the real pleasure is in hosting. Ever wanted to throw out the Ten Chances zero rule by putting in a $65 toaster? Here's a great place to do it. Wanted to create a Million-Dollar Plinko, one that can actually be won? Now's your chance. And by the way, remember all the PG ideas you had years ago but never bothered to post them, knowing they could never be used on the show? Well, now you can.

As far as the implementation of an HYO, I fully back gamesurf's suggestions. Especially during the end of the run, HYO became a haven for people who decided to join G-R specifically for HYO and start their own shows, only to get shut down because they never read the rules. By enforcing a read-only period, it will allow newcomers to get a feel for how the HYO operates as a whole. All in all, members, newcomers and veterans alike, need to be reminded that the HYO is a privilege, NOT a right.

With all that said, if done correctly, HYO could make a triumphant return, but only if we are all willing to abide by the rules, and ensure others do the same. If that can be done, then I say,

Let's do it!

As I said to you in PM, last year I hosted 3 separate episodes of TPIR on another website I was a moderator on, completely unrelated to TPIR, and people really had a good time. I did the graphics, the script, the prizes, everything. Unfortunately, the site closed down recently, but I have an entire six game episode scripted and ready to go on my computer.

My pace was one episode every four months, usually at the start of the season, so the first day of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

I sent you some of the custom graphics I made for the show, and I'll post three different ones here too.

Starting with the third episode I even started doing the big doors, complete with cars and prizes behind them...

Oh, and yes, every episode was a Million Dollar Spectacular.


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