Author Topic: FPG 6/7/19 - FINALE - Finally, It Has Happened Edition  (Read 4355 times)

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FPG 6/7/19 - FINALE - Finally, It Has Happened Edition
« on: June 06, 2019, 12:14:54 PM »
I just cannot hide it, I'm excited to see how this last game of the season plays out. Finally, after 30+ weeks of shows and 28 games, we will see who will take the crown. If you only knew, what these last six games of the week will be, then you would know the joy of victory. But the fact that you made it all this way doesn't mean it's time to rest. One more game, have a little fun, and see who will win this season of FPG.

Anyone can play, but only these 4 players can vie for the top spot:



SPOILERS: Looks clear to me.

6/3/2019 (Monday - 8781K) Flip/Rent/TTM/DP/Roo/DX
6/4/2019 (Tuesday - 8782K) X/Any/Freeze/CO/Squeeze/Gas
6/5/2019 (Wednesday - 8783K) Grocery (car)/1RP/Balance/Line/Side/Seat
6/6/2019 (Thursday - 8784K) Danger/Push/Stack/Math/Shell/L7
6/7/2019 (Friday - 8785K) Have a little fun.