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May 18, 1990
« on: July 06, 2019, 09:25:46 AM »
First Four: Terri, Edward, Christine, Vernon

IUFB1: Kenwood Stereo System
Terri: $900
Edward: $950*
Christine: $1100
Vernon: $1101
ARP: $1099

Before the bidding begins, Bob mentions that Carla is modeling in place of Janice.

PG1: Lucky $even--Played for a Nissan Sentra

First number: Guesses 8; actual number--7 (gives back $1)
Second number: Guesses 5; actual number--5 (keeps all $6)
Third number: Guesses 8; actual number--5 (gives back $3)
Fourth number: Guesses 9; actual number--9 (pays $1 for car, and keeps remaining $3)


Second Calldown: Todd (whom Bob brings onstage for a moment to show the interesting pants that he is wearing)

IUFB2: Hooker Furniture Writing Desk & Chair
Todd: $550
Christine: $950
Vernon: $1000
Terri: $101 $1001*
ARP: $1364

PG2: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Hoover Hand Vac, wrong price--$25 (guesses higher, ARP: $40)
SP2: Spencer's Children's Clothing, wrong price--$9 (guesses higher, ARP: $14)
SP3: West Bend Electric Oriental Wok, wrong price--$78 (guesses lower, ARP: $49)
SP4: Finally Free Hair Removal System, wrong price--$120 (guesses lower, ARP: $100)

Terri wins four punches on the punchboard

First punch: $100/Second Chance + $10,000 = $10,100
Second punch: Not revealed
Third punch: Not revealed
Fourth punch: Not revealed


The regular winning bells go off along with the clangs and whoops in this win.

Third Calldown: Kelley

IUFB3: Artwork
Kelley: $500
Todd: $550*
Christine: $350
Vernon: $750
ARP: $700

PG3: Take Two--Played for a Chromcraft Furniture Dinette Set, Landes Silver Bar Accessories, a Whirlpool Microwave Range and Hand-Painted Trunk

Target price: $2,985

First try: Dinette ($1,625) and Microwave Range ($1,360); TOTAL--$2,985

The other two prices are not revealed


Todd: 1.00
Edward: .90+.65=OVER
Terri: .80+.65=OVER

Todd: .30

Todd is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket! Terri's second spin does not get the split-screen, nor is it buzzed.

Fourth Calldown: Paul

IUFB4: Kidder Water Ski Equipment
Paul: $799
Christine: $700
Vernon: $725
Kelley: $800*
ARP: $880

PG4: Range Game--Played for a Hoverjet

Range: $7,000-$7,600

Kelley stops rangefinder at $7,195-$7,345

ARP: $7,387


Fifth Calldown: Renee

IUFB5: 3 Sunset Lamps
Renee: $675*
Paul: $710
Christine: $1100
Vernon: $715
ARP: $685

PG5: Hole in One--Played for a Mercury Topaz GS ($10,537)

GP1: Rothler's Sculpt Mist Extra Hair Spray
GP2: Saf-T-Pops
GP3: All Detergent
GP4: Colosso-Bowl Ice Cream Waffle Bowls
GP5: Lassie Full Season Flea & Tick Collar
GP6: Rug Doctor Steam Carpet Cleaner

Order of flags: Flea Collar, Candy, Hair Spray, Bowls, Rug Cleaner, Detergent
ARPs: $3.99, $1.49 (others not revealed)

Bob's Dian's inspiration putt: Perfect!

Renee's first putt: Wide left, but the game is called Hole in One...or Two!
Renee's second putt: Wide left...again


So Rod taught Dian how to putt? Interesting!

Meanwhile, Christine and Vernon are trying to get sent to the FFBC, but we know at least one of them won't make it up on stage. Can either one avoid the double-induction?

Final Calldown: Linda

IUFB6: Flexsteel Sofa (winner also receives YourLife Daily Vitamin Packs)
Linda: $725
Paul: $595
Christine: $750
Vernon: $751*
ARP: $1038

Vernon gets to play a pricing game, and Christine does not.

PG6: Clock Game--Played for a Bar Cart and RCA Washer/Dryer

First, Vernon will bid on Bar Cart

Vernon's bids/Bob's responses: $400/H, $500/H, $600/H, $700/H, $800/L, $750/H, $760/H, $770/H, $780/H, $790/H, $800/L, $791/H, $792/H, $793/H, $794/H, $795/H, $796/H, $797/H, $798/H, $799 (wins with 16 seconds left)

Next, he will bid on Washer/Dryer

Vernon's bids/Bob's responses: $900/L, $800/H, $850/L, $840/H, $841/H, $842/H, $843/H, $844/H, $845/H, $846/H, $847/H, $848 (wins with 11 seconds left)


Renee: 1.00
Kelley: .50+.50=1.00
Vernon: .40+.80=OVER

Renee: .15
Kelley: .50

Renee has a total of $6,000 in her pocket, but Kelley is going to the Showcase! In both SCSDs, the winning bells, clangs and whoops sound all at once for the money wins.

Top Winner: Todd
Runner-Up: Kelley

Sunray Greenhouse, Colorado River Raft Trip, Jeep Wrangler
Todd passes to Kelley, who bids $12,500

Grandfather Clock, Lane American Collection Bedroom Group, Norman's of Salisbury Bedding Ensemble, RCA 46-inch Big-Screen Color TV
Todd bids $10,500

ARP of Kelley's Showcase: $19,849 (Difference: $7,349)
ARP of Todd's Showcase: $10,208 (OVER)

Another SFX malfunction occurs when the foghorn does not go off on the overbid.

Kelley wins her Showcase, and takes home $21,729 in cash and prizes! Bob's signoff does not include the spay/neuter plug.

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Re: May 18, 1990
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Fun fact: This episode aired on the day I was born! Looked like I was born on a good TPIR day! My mom told me she had this on in the background while family and friends were visiting her.
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