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September 9, 1997
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For the first time since the end of Season 24, Rod's opening spiel is the same as the one that originated with Johnny back in 1977, and it will remain so until the 5,000th show.

First Four: Nichelle, Bryan, Maria, Colin

IUFB1: Zenith 32-inch Stereo Color TV
Nichelle: $900
Bryan: $1200*
Maria: $1100
Colin: $1
ARP: $1800

PG1: Make Your Move--Played for a Libman Wonder Mop, Oneida Silversmiths Serving Pieces and a Trip to Nova Scotia (Halifax)


Bryan's guesses: 620103743


Second Calldown: Elaine

IUFB2: Knight His & Hers Golf Equipment
Elaine: $800
Maria: $850
Colin: $1085
Nichelle: $1086*
ARP: $1110

PG2: One Away--Played for a Ford Taurus G

Wrong price: $28,324

Nichelle changes price to $17,435

Ladies, how many numbers are right? 2

Nichelle changes price to $19,215

ARP: $19,215


Third Calldown: Ricky

IUFB3: Hickory White Mirror
Ricky: $600
Elaine: $800
Maria: $601
Colin: $801*
ARP: $1349

PG3: Hit Me--Played for a Largo International Queen Bed ($2,599)

House opens with Queen

GP1: All Detergent, marked at $40.48
GP2: Dial Ultra Skin Care Body Wash, marked at $37.90
GP3: Elite Air Fresheners, marked at $6.99
GP4: Turtle Wax, marked at $7.00
GP5: Sue Bee Honey, marked at $11.94
GP6: Garlique, marked at $39.96

First draw: Body Wash--$3.79, gets 10
Second draw: Air Fresheners--$6.99, gets Ace for 21

House's draws: King for 20


Colin: .90
Bryan: .45+.55=1.00
Nichelle: .95+.45=OVER

Bryan: .45

Bryan is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Kim

IUFB4: Alan White Company Chair with Ottoman
Kim: $875
Ricky: $900
Elaine: $901*
Maria: $1000
ARP: $948

PG4: Swap Meet--Played for a Honda Elite 50 SR Motor Scooter, plus a Rustic Crafts Fireplace, Ashley Buffet Hutch and Amana Washer/Dryer

Elaine's pick: Hutch

ARP of Hutch: $1,599

ARP of Motor Scooter: $1,599

Other ARP's: Fireplace--$1,177, Washer/Dryer--$978


Fifth Calldown: Latesa

IUFB5: S-K Tool Set
Latesa: $475
Maria: $700
Kim: $501*
Ricky: $250
ARP: $615

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Hoover Steam Vac Jr., wrong price--$151 (guesses lower, ARP: $130)
SP2: Cardinal Glass Chess Set, wrong price--$41 (guesses higher, ARP: $60)
SP3: Conair Big Curls Roller Set, wrong price--$62 (guesses lower, ARP: $41)
SP4: Cuisinart Food Processor, wrong price--$191 (guesses lower, ARP: $160)

Kim wins four punches on the punchboard

First punch: $50, continues
Second punch: $1,000, continues
Third punch: $250, continues
Fourth punch: $250


Well, Maria has been in Contestant's Row since Bob entered through the Big Doors, and this next One-Bid represents her last chance to win her way up on stage.

Final Calldown: Kari

IUFB6: Couristan Area Rug
Kari: $899
Ricky: $1100
Latesa: $1150*
Maria: $1101
ARP: $1699

Unfortunately, Maria's efforts were for naught, so she is now in the FFBC.

PG6: Safe Crackers--Played for a Geo Tracker and 2 Jules Jurgensen Pocket Watches ($14,755)

Numbers in price of watches: 0, 4, 5

Latesa sets combination at $540, and opens safe


Kim: .15+.15=.30
Elaine: .05 .95
Latesa: .90+.55=OVER

Elaine is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Bryan
Runner-Up: Elaine

O.W. Lee Patio Furniture, San Diego, Electracraft Party Cruiser
Bryan bids $22,000

Hickory White Settee, Hickory White Bar Server, Arctic Cat Cougar Snowmobile
Elaine bids $10,000

ARP of Elaine's Showcase: $11,842 (Difference: $1,842)
ARP of Bryan's Showcase: $21,687 (OVER)

Elaine wins her Showcase, and takes home $18,143 in cash and prizes!