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May 21, 1996
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First Four: Melinda, Alvin, Melaney, John

Bob enters through the audience instead of the Big Doors.

IUFB1: Honda Elite 80 Motor Scooter
John: $1500*
Melaney: $1250
Alvin: $900
Melinda: $1353
ARP: $1999

PG1: Golden Road--Played for a Boston Corner Cupboard, Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and something worth more than $43,000--a Cadillac Seville SLS!!!

Muffin Mix: 29

Cupboard--$?65 (picks 9, is right)
Clock: $2,?85 (picks 9, is wrong, ARP: $2,685)


Second Calldown: Leola

IUFB2: Vivitar His & Hers Cameras
Leola: $675
Melaney: $550
Alvin: $400
Melinda: $401*
ARP: $476

PG2: Hi-Lo--Played for a Millennium Dining Room Group with Michael C. Fina Dinnerware ($4,163)

GP1: Caress Moisturizing Body Wash
GP2: Klondike Original Ice Cream Bars
GP3: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
GP4: Professional Solutions Deep Conditioning Soak
GP5: Topol Plus Toothpaste
GP6: Extra Strength Bayer

First pick: Ice Cream Bars--$3.39
Second pick: Bayer--$3.12
Third pick: Nail Care--$5.95

All other GP's must be less than $3.12

Body Wash--$3.85, game over

Other ARPs: Toilet Cleaner--$2.89, Toothpaste--$4.99


Third Calldown: Jay

IUFB3: Robert H. Peterson Fireplace Equipment
Jay: $700
Leola: $450
Melaney: $500*
Alvin: $701
ARP: $575

PG3: Swap Meet--Played for a Tunturi Air Rower, plus a Zenith 32-inch Stereo Color TV, Gibson Refrigerator/Freezer and Alan White Sofa

Melaney's pick: TV

ARP of TV: $1,800
ARP of Rower: $799

Other ARPs: Refrigerator--$1,480, Sofa--$799


Melinda: .05+.70=.75
Melaney: .10+.50=.60
John: .90

John is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Justina

IUFB4: Grolier Encyclopedia Americana
Justina: $1200
Alvin: $950
Jay: $1150
Leola: $1201*
ARP: $1500

PG4: Squeeze Play--Played for a Vixen Hills Victorian Gazebo


Leola removes the 2, and price squeezes to $5,785

ARP: $5,285


Fifth Calldown: Terry

IUFB5: Harris Lamps 3-Lamp Collection
Terry: $900
Justina: $800
Alvin: $750
Jay: $751

Terry: $450*
Justina: $685
Alvin: $550
Jay: $560
ARP: $510

PG5: Pathfinder--Played for a Dodge Dakota

First number: 1

SP1: Pasta Maker
SP2: Infant Car Seat Carrier
SP3: Wrist Remote Controller

Second number: 6, 0, 9 or 3? Steps to 6, is wrong

Picks Car Seat: $39 or $60? Guesses $60, is right

Second number: 0, 9 or 3? Steps to 9, is wrong

Picks Pasta Maker: $100 or $135? Guesses $135, is wrong

Remote Controller: $80 or $110? Guesses $80, is right

Second number: 0 or 3? Steps to 3, is right
Third number: 9, 6 or 5? Steps to 6, is wrong

ARP: $13,941


Will this be the 57th winless show in 24 seasons? And can Alvin avoid the FFBC with this last One-Bid?

Final Calldown: Suzanne

IUFB6: Admiral Electric Range
Suzanne: $650
Justina: $700
Alvin: $1050
Jay: $701

Suzanne: $500
Justina: $550
Alvin: $575
Jay: $576*
ARP: $649

Alvin's day ends in the FFBC.

PG6: 1 Right Price--Played for a Bar Set and Apothecary Chest

The 1 right price is $1,740

Jay's pick: Bar Set

ARP of Bar Set: $2,210


And for the 57th time, zero wins have been recorded in a single episode.

Jay: .15+.80=.95
Terry: .60+.60=OVER
Leola: .70+.30=1.00

Leola: .30

Leola is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket! Terry's second spin is not buzzed. As of this episode, the Showcase Showdown still uses the split-screen arrow shot.

Top Winner: John
Runner-Up: Leola

Oneida Crystal Candy Dish, Hershey's Kisses, KISS CD Collection, Pioneer Stereo System, Tahiti
John bids $12,500

Bassett Bedroom Group with Custom Designs Bedding Ensemble, Bendigo Swimsuits, Electracraft 15-foot Sport Boat
Leola bids $11,500

ARP of John's Showcase: $10,863 (OVER)
ARP of Leola's Showcase: $12,499 (Difference: $999)

Leola wins her Showcase, and takes home $14,999 in cash and prizes! Had she overbid, this would've been an El Skunko. This is one of the first shows with the end credits done with chyrons.