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April 14, 2003
« on: July 16, 2019, 11:25:09 AM »
First Four: Melissa, Jennifer, Narmar, Lucy

IUFB1: Wilson Tennis Equipment
Lucy: $450
Narmar: $505
Jennifer: $610
Melissa: $700*
ARP: $921

PG1: Credit Card--Played for a Whirlpool Trash Compactor, Broyhill Dinette Set, Oreck Steam Cleaner, Broyhill Chest and Reed & Barton Hostess Set

Credit Limit: $2,000

First purchase: Hostess Set--$1,435 ($565 remaining)
Second purchase: Steam Cleaner--$389 ($176 remaining)
Third purchase: Compactor--$519 (OVER)

Other ARPs: Not revealed

Correct Solution: ???


Second Calldown: Norma

IUFB2: Michael C. Fina Diamond Bracelet
Norma: $650
Lucy: $1250
Narmar: $1100*
Jennifer: $1700
ARP: $1155

PG2: Pass the Buck--Played for a Chevrolet Malibu ($21,070)

GP1: 2 GE Crystal Clear 100-watt Light Bulbs, marked at $3.25
GP2: Absorbine Jr., marked at $5.99

Narmar passes buck to Absorbine Jr., is wrong (light bulbs were $4.25)

GP3: Johnson's Baby Shampoo, marked at $4.09
GP4: Bayer Women's Aspirin, marked at $8.28

Narmar passes buck to Shampoo, is wrong (aspirin was $9.28)

She earns no additional picks, along with the one free pick

First pick: 5--$5,000

Rest of board: Not revealed


After the second wrong GP pick, Bob tells Narmar that she is the first contestant to ever get both pairs wrong. Additionally, she gets confused for a moment during the number selection when she says she wants the second number, leading Bob to believe that she wants #2, before eventually settling on #5.

Third Calldown: Brandy

IUFB3: Posh Pet Furniture (winner also receives Retro-Glow Powder)
Brandy: $750
Jennifer: $575
Norma: $800*
Lucy: $1
ARP: $1325

PG3: Flip Flop--Played for a Story & Clark Baby Grand Piano

Wrong price: $9,818

Flip to $8,918
Flop to $9,881
Flip-flop to $8,981

Norma decides to flip

Correct solution: Flip


Melissa: .50+.95=OVER
Narmar: .90
Norma: .45 .05+.60=.65

Narmar is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Guadalupe

IUFB4: American Sails Pennant Day Sailor
Guadalupe: $3000
Lucy: $2001*
Brandy: $1700
Jennifer: $1
ARP: $2695

PG4: Make Your Move--Played for a Hand Mixer, Chaise and Ridgeway Floor Clock


Lucy's guesses: 307545925

Correct solution: 307545925


Fifth Calldown: Cole

IUFB5: Health Craft Gourmet Cookware (winner also receives Geritol Complete)
Cole: $500
Brandy: $425
Jennifer: $800*
Guadalupe: $1150
ARP: $1038

PG5: Pathfinder--Played for a Ford Explorer XLS 4x2

First number: 2

SP1: Massager
SP2: Libman's Wonder Mop
SP3: Travel Mug

Second number: 5, 2, 0 or 7? Steps to 5, is wrong

Picks Massager: $58 or $75? Guesses $75, is wrong

Picks Mop: $7 or $10? Guesses $10, is right

Second number: 2, 0 or 7? Steps to 7, is right
Third number: 6, 9 or 4? Steps to 4, is right
Fourth number: 1 or 6? Steps to 6, is wrong

Travel Mug: $10 or $16? Guesses $16, is wrong and game over

ARP: $27,417


Final Calldown: Nora

IUFB6: Native American Style Rug (winner also receives Icy Hot Patch)
Nora: $1500*
Guadalupe: $922
Cole: $1001
Brandy: $1200
ARP: $1799

PG6: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Transnational Outdoor Power Tarantula 90cc Youth Off-Road Vehicle and Johnston Casuals Bar Set

Off-Road Vehicle: $1,495
Bar Set: $910

Nora's pick: Bar Set

ARP of Off-Road Vehicle: $2,995 (Difference: $1,500)
ARP of Bar Set: $2,910 (Difference: $2,000)


Jennifer: .60
Lucy: .55+.10=.65
Nora: .20+.65=.85

Nora is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Nora
Runner-Up: Narmar

Broyhill Bedroom Group with Custom Designs Bedding Set, O.W. Lee Patio Furniture, Beachcomber Spa
Nora passes to Narmar, who bids $9,356

PlayStation 2 with 4 games, Magnaxov 36-inch Color TV, Mexican Cruise, Ford Mustang Convertible Premium
Nora bids $29,000

ARP of Narmar's Showcase: $17,533 (Difference: $8,177)
ARP of Norma's Showcase: $30,178 (Difference: $1,178)

Norma wins her Showcase, and takes home $37,922 in cash and prizes!