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November 23, 2005
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:30:55 AM »
First Four: Jessica, Derek, Alisha, Jack

IUFB1: 4 Schwinn Family Bicycles
Jessica: $350
Alisha: $650*
Jack: $900
Derek: $1
ARP: $800

PG1: Triple Play--Played for a Chevrolet Cobalt, Ford Mustang V6 Deluxe Coupe and Ford Explorer XLS 4x2

Cobalt: $15,120 or $18,254? Picks $15,120--YES (ARP: $16,110)
Mustang: $17,823, $19,261 or $22,990? Picks $19,261--YES (ARP: $20,985)
Explorer: $21,615, $23,998, $25,321 or $27,850? Picks $23,998--NO (ARP: $27,415)


Second Calldown: Chad

IUFB2: Magnussen Home Estate Desk
Chad: $1100
Jack: $1250
Derek: $325*
Jessica: $1000
ARP: $990

PG2: Clock Game--Played for His & Hers Tennis Equipment and a Whirlpool Electric Range

First, Derek will bid on the Tennis Equipment

Derek's bids/Bob's responses: $300/H, $400/H, $450/H, $550/H, $650/H, $750/H, $950/L, $900/L, $800/H, $850/L, $840/L, $820/H, $825/H, $830/H, $835/H, $840/L, $836/H, $837/H, $838 (wins with 4 seconds left)

Next, he will bid on the Range

Derek's bids/Bob's responses: $1000/L, $700/H, $800/H, $900/H, $950/L...MRRRRRRRRP!

ARP: $949


During the tennis equipment bidding, Bob makes a mistake on the $850 bid by saying higher, but quickly changes it to lower. He then polls the audience on what the range's price before showing it to them.

Third Calldown: Raeanne

IUFB3: Park & Sun Sports 3-in-1 Game Table (Pool, Tabletop Hockey, Soccer)
Raeanne: $750
Jessica: $450*
Chad: $600
Jack: $601
ARP: $587

PG3: 1/2 Off

SP1: Gumball Lamp--$33
SP2: Breakfast Maker--$25

Picks Breakfast Maker, ARP: $50 (remaining boxes: 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15)

SP3: Food Chopper--$9
SP4: MP3 Player--$69

Picks Food Chopper, ARP: $18 (remaining boxes: 2, 8, 10, 15)

SP5: Electronic Backgammon Game--$15
SP6: Men's Shaver--$39

Picks Shaver, ARP: $39 (game was $30; no boxes are eliminated)

Jessica's pick: #2 #8

Contents of #8: $10,000


Alisha: .60
Derek: 1.00
Jessica: .20+.50=.70

Derek: .10

Derek is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket!

Fourth Calldown: Morgan

IUFB4: Paricon Snow Sleds
Morgan: $715
Chad: $300
Jack: $425
Raeanne: $500*
ARP: $550

PG4: Double Prices--Played for an Ashley Poster Bed

Choices: $4,303 or $3,606

Raeanne's pick: $3,606

ARP: $3,606


Fifth Calldown: Randall

IUFB5: Magellan Roadmate 700 Vehicle Navigation System
Randall: $1400*
Morgan: $800
Chad: $750
Jack: $801
ARP: $1499

PG5: Pass the Buck--Played for a Jeep Wrangler SE ($18,765)

GP1: Bayer Back & Body Pain, marked at $4.40
GP2: Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, marked at $3.29

Randall passes buck to Bayer, is right

GP3: Clorox Bleach, marked at $2.79
GP4: Polident, marked at $4.86

Randall passes buck to Polident, is right

Randall earns two more picks in addition to the one free pick

First pick: 4--Lose Everything, continues
Second pick: 5--$5,000, quits
Third pick: N/A

Rest of board: 1--Lose Everything, 2--$3,000, 3--$1,000, 6--Jeep


Jack has been stuck in Contestant's Row since the show began; will he win on his last chance?

Final Calldown: John

IUFB6: Home Gym (winner also receives Alka-Seltzer Plus)
John: $1675
Morgan: $799
Chad: $1700
Jack: $1701*
ARP: $1999

Finally, Jack did it!

PG6: Range Game--Played for a Sohmer & Co. Baby Grand Piano

Range: $13,800-$14,400

Jack, whose sister plays the piano, stops rangefinder at $13,985-$14,135

ARP: $13,990


Raeanne: .90
Randall: .75+.30=OVER
Jack: .35+.20=.55

Raeanne is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Raeanne
Runner-Up: Derek

Gold Espresso Machine, Broyhill Dining Room Group with Noritake Dinnerware, New England Tour
Raeanne passes to Derek, who bids $11,000

4-CD Stereo System, Comfort Portable Spa, Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Raeanne bids $25,000

ARP of Raeanne's Showcase: $28,254 (Difference: $3,254)
ARP of Derek's Showcase: $23,540 (Difference: $12,540)

Raeanne wins her Showcase, and takes home $32,410 in cash and prizes!