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February 3, 1994
« on: August 17, 2019, 10:00:28 AM »
First Four: John, Mercedes, William, Ruby

IUFB1: Magic Chef Refrigerator/Freezer
Ruby: $1300
William: $1100
Mercedes: $1500*
John: $1301
ARP: $1650

PG1: Make Your Move--Played for a Spice Rack, 2 Artisan House Brass Pedestals and an Aqua Cat 2 Catamaran


Mercedes' guesses: 615403490

Correct solution: 615403490


Second Calldown: Ronald

IUFB2: Macintosh Performer 410 Desktop Computer
Ronald: $2600
John: $1650
Ruby: $1450
William: $1700

Ronald: $1100*
John: $1435
Ruby: $1340
William: $1341
ARP: $1170

PG2: Hit Me--Played for an Ashley Dining Group with Carson Statesmetal Dinnerware ($2,261)

House opens with 3

GP1: Ginsana, marked at $14.95
GP2: Wisk Power Plus, marked at $26.90
GP3: StarterLogg, marked at $20.32
GP4: Correctol, marked at $52.96
GP5: Klondike Caramel Lite Bars, marked at $17.34
GP6: Enforce Liquid Drain Care, marked at $6.18

First pick: Ginsana--$14.95, gets Ace
Second pick: Wisk--$2.69, gets King for 21

House's draws: Ace for 14


Before the next calldown, we get a rare shot of Janice next to Rod's podium as he and Bob discuss her new book.

Third Calldown: Kathryn

IUFB3: Howard Miller Clocktail Table
Kathryn: $400
John: $695
Ruby: $700
William: $800*
ARP: $1040

PG3: Temptation--Played for a Mercury Topaz GS Sedan, and these four gifts...

First number: 1

Curtis Mathes Laser Disc Video Player--$399 (picks 3)
Michael C. Fina Punch Bowl Set--$585 (picks 8)
GE Chest Freezer--$600 (picks 6)
Kings Creek Bench--$525 (picks 5)

Total of gifts: $2,109

No changes

William decides to go for car

ARP: $13,865


Mercedes: .45 1.00
Ronald: .05+.45=.50
William: .55+.80=OVER

Mercedes: .35

Mercedes is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket! Bob mentions that Entertainment Tonight is doing a segment on the show.

Fourth Calldown: Francis

IUFB4: Collectors Editions Serigraph
Francis: $1800
Kathryn: $1200*
John: $675
Ruby: $1000
ARP: $1700

PG4: Squeeze Play--Played for 2 Snowmobiles


Kathryn removes the 5, and price squeezes to $8,998

ARP: $8,998


Fifth Calldown: Gregg

IUFB5: Couristan Area Rug
Gregg: $1500
John: $1825
Ruby: $1680
Francis: $1600

Gregg: $750
John: $895
Ruby: $1000*
Francis: $1
ARP: $1059

PG5: Master Key--Played for a Swan Brass Cradle, Trip to New Orleans and Dodge Colt

SP1: Kids II Mirror--$31 or $14? Guesses $14, is right (picks Key #2)
SP2: Plasti-Kote Fleck Stone Paint--$13 or $30? Guesses $30, is right (picks Key #1)

KEY #2
Cradle? NO
Trip? WIN

KEY #1
Cradle? WIN
Car? WIN


Final Calldown: Lisa

IUFB6: Gibson Gas Range
Lisa: $799
Francis: $695*
Gregg: $1000
John: $800
ARP: $719

PG6: Range Game--Played for a Media Cabinet and Magnavox 25-inch Stereo Color TV

Range: $5,400-$6,000

Francis stops rangefinder at $5,580-$5,730

ARP: $5,649


In this playing, Bob says that they can't start the rangefinder again for 18 hours.

Francis: .10+.50=.60
Kathryn: .65
Ruby: .15+.85=1.00

Ruby: .10

Ruby is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Top Winner: Ruby
Runner-Up: Mercedes

Samick Upright Piano, Golden West Pool Table, Dune Buggy
Ruby bids $12,950

Michael C. Fina Pearl Necklace, Ben Olson Compact Stereo System, Hong Kong
Mercedes bids $10,000

ARP of Ruby's Showcase: $15,247 (Difference: $2,297)
ARP of Mercedes' Showcase: $10,007 (Difference: $7)

Mercedes scores a :dsw:, and takes home $27,869 in cash and prizes! The graphic does not flash; instead, it appears steady on the screen and then fades out. There is no spay/neuter plug in Bob's closing.