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January 4, 1983
« on: August 22, 2019, 03:01:49 PM »
First Four: Denise, Arominta, Susan, Diane

IUFB1: Emperor Grandfather Clock
Diane: $680
Susan: $800
Arominta: $750*
Denise: $600
ARP: $760

Susan's podium flashes by mistake when the winner is announced.

PG1: Temptation--Played for a Mazda B2000, and these four gifts...

Enny Travel Bag: $337 (picks 7)
Black & Decker Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum: $35 (picks 5)
2 Pieri Creations Lamps: $272 (picks 2)
Sharp 5-in-1 Stereo System: $600 (picks 6)

Total value of gifts: $1,244

No changes

Arominta decides to take the gifts

ARP: $7,320


Second Calldown: Ronald

IUFB2: Amana Freezer (winner also receives Grath Black Vulcan Honey Glazed Ham)
Ronald: $705*
Denise: $640
Diane: $745
Susan: $650
ARP: $730

PG2: 1 Right Price--Played for a Naked Furniture Dinette Set and Murray & Sons Billiard Table

The 1 right price is $1,495

Ronald's pick: Billiards Table

ARP of Billiards Table: $1,495
ARP of Dinette: $1,116


Seeing that Ronald is a Samoan, and given Bob's previous experiences with Samoan women, he asks Dian and Holly to restrain Ronald from attacking him in case of a win, leaving Janice to reveal the prices of both prizes.

Third Calldown: Georgia

IUFB3: John Boos & Co. Cuisine Cart
Georgia: $100*
Denise: $600
Diane: $550
Susan: $400
ARP: $350

PG3: Grocery Game--Played for a Keller Bedroom Group ($2,992)

GP1: Faberge Organics Shampoo
GP2: La Choy Bean Sprouts
GP3: Art-matic Nail Polish
GP4: Certs
GP5: Halls Mentho-lyptus Cough Tablets

First purchase: 2 Shampoos x $1.19 = $2.38
Second purchase: 4 Cough Drops x $1.09 = $4.36 (TOTAL--$6.74)
Third purchase: 1 Certs x 30 = 30 (TOTAL--$7.04)


Georgia: .85
Arominta: .75+.55=OVER
Ronald: .85

Georgia: .75
Ronald: .80

Ronald is going to the Showcase! Georgia's first spin does not get the split-screen.

Fourth Calldown: Bobbie

IUFB4: 1-Ounce Bar of Gold
Bobbie: $425
Denise: $405
Diane: $430
Susan: $402

Bobbie: $350
Denise: $325
Diane: $350 $360
Susan: $361*
ARP: $400

PG4: Take Two--Played for a Star Recliner with Ottoman, Brasscrafters Fireplace Ensemble, Whirlpool Refrigerator/Freezer and Baker's Rack

Target price: $2,140

First try: Refrigerator ($1,020) and Baker's Rack ($1,440); TOTAL--$2,460
Second try: Baker's Rack ($1,440) and Chair ($700); TOTAL--$2140

The Fire Kit's price is never revealed


Fifth Calldown: Anne

IUFB5: Diversified Products Exercise Equipment (winner also receives Babe Splash Cologne)
Anne: $300
Bobbie: $650
Denise: $800
Diane: $365*
ARP: $420

PG5: Card Game--Played for a Chevrolet Chevette

Special Deck: $700

No opening bid

Diane's draws: 8 of Spades ($800), 3 of Diamonds ($1,100), 10 of Diamonds ($2,100), 6 of Diamonds ($2,700), Ace of Hearts (adds $1,000 to make bid $3,700), King of Diamonds ($4,700), 7 of Spades ($5,400)

Final bid: $5,400

ARP: $6,497

Difference: $1,097


Thanks to a multitude of contestants winning from the orange podium, Denise is now in danger of going to the FFBC. Will she make the winnign bid and be the last one up?

Final Calldown: Shelley

IUFB6: Volna Ltd. Aquarium
Shelley: $300
Anne: $400*
Bobbie: $350
Denise: $1
ARP: $450

Although she makes a valiant effort with her $1 bid, Denise can't avoid the FFBC.

PG6: Give or Keep--Played for a Wurlitzer Jukebox ($2,953)

SP1: Munsey Portable Range
SP2: McCormick-Schilling Spice Rack

Keeps Range; Spice Rack--$50

SP3: Armitron LCD Watch
SP4: Brittany 7-Piece Tea Set

Keeps Tea Set; Watch--$20 (Total given: $70)

SP5: Hamilton Beach Iron
SP6: Washington Forge Gourmet Knife

Keeps Knife; Iron--$35 (Total given: $105)

If Anne keeps $105 or more, she wins Jukebox

Tea Set--$24 (Total kept: $70)
Knife--$40 (Total kept: $110)


The cue for the jukebox is the sax solo from Donna Summer's On the Radio.

Diane: .25+.15=.40
Anne: .75
Susan: .50+.10=.60

Anne is going to the Showcase! During Susan's second spin, there are several cuts between the split-screen triangle and Anne standing under the scoreboard.

Top Winner: Anne
Runner-Up: Ronald

Living Room Group, Hoover Celebrity Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Honda CM200 Motorcycles
Anne passes to Ronald, who bids $6,577

Bar Set, Aeolian Player Piano, China
Anne bids $6,500

The second Showcase is themed around a Western story about Big Bad Johnny, and Holly gets a speaking part as the Sheriff. Before Bob reveals the winner, he makes Ronald promise not to touch him, but instead do a victory dance.

ARP of Anne's Showcase: $9,820 (Difference: $3,320)
ARP of Ronald's Showcase: $8,332 (Difference: $1,755)

Ronald wins his Showcase, and takes home $11,698 in cash and prizes! As promised, he breaks out his victory dance before the final fade to black.