Author Topic: Bonus Game....why has a cash bonus never been offered if you won all 4 windows?  (Read 34387 times)

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I agree, there's no need to add a cash bonus to Bonus Game, because it already exists in Shell Game. If you win all four windows, you also get the bonus prize automatically, but if you miss even one window, there's a chance you will lose because the bonus was in the one you missed on.

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The reason: Word was that Dennis didn't have the best memory and there was no reason for him to lose a game he was already familiar and comfortable with.

I know that's been the rumor on the internet for years, but I'd like to see some kind of evidence before we continue to propagate it. Look at the nighttime season three lineups, where Bonus Game stuck around while it disappeared on the daytime show. If they had taken Bonus Game out of the rotation, either they would have played Shell Game way too many times or they would have had to use Give or Keep. And my hunch is that the reason they never brought Give or Keep into the fold* was simply because it took longer to play.

Yes, the show added a bunch of games to the first half of nighttime's season five and then took most of them away, but given that the nighttime show never drew from the entire pool of pricing games even when Bob was the host, I'm reluctant to think that the reason was because Dennis couldn't learn new games. Regardless, it wouldn't explain why Bonus Game stuck around two seasons before the mini-purge happened.

*Okay, with the exception of episode 298.
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Vietnam is the other known country to have offered cash for a contestant that had gotten all 4 windows (in Vietnam, LCD screen). The bonus in this case was 1,000,000 VNĐ (50$).
Here is the video for proof:

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I don't know if it's possible with the props they have now, but in the event of winning all 4 chips, I wonder if they couldn't "actually" play the shell game.

Reveal the ball, have the host hand off the microphone for a second, and have the host *actually* try shuffling the shells as best they can for 15-20 seconds with the contestant paying attention. Then let the contestant pick one. $500 if they get it right. It's not pricing, no, but it could have plenty of play-along value.

I think the shells in the show's Shell Game are a lot larger than shells used in other shell games.  It would be a lot easier for the contestant to follow the ball once it's revealed since it would be difficult for the host to shuffle large shells as quickly as one could shuffle smaller shells, thimbles, etc.

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They'd have to rename it Bonus-Bonus Game  ;-)