Author Topic: CSS Results for 05/25/2020 (Game 147) (PLAYOFFS 15) AND FINAL PLAYOFF RESULTS  (Read 766 times)

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This was a flourishing finish to the CSS playoffs... for the sea of red, that is. The cheapo camper - which had not shown since early December - combined with an Arizona that has legitimately been a one-bid, caused a legit Big One, with only 3 survivors. This combo effectively ended any miracle comeback hopes this time around, and made my strategy of having the option to opt out of the last day pay off in spades, although as it turned out I could have overed here too and still won.

As far as this being a regular CSS playing goes, priac/2K pick up a bit of cash for their trouble. Four more playings remain on the season, provided no preemptions, so plesae stick around as we enjoy the final full week of Price for a long while.

Honorable mention to Tris for getting 3rd despite no bonus points, that was a very consistent performance. Thupa was too, but my DSWs and bonus points put me over the top despite looking to be dead in the water after the first half. priac getting 4th despite five overs is incredible as well, thanks to almost 200k in cash... but also indicative of overall, a pretty rough set of showcases in these playoffs, with new prizes (mainly trips, of course) showing up almost daily.
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S4x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...

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Congrats to the top 4.  5th place is an incredible result, my best playoff finish in 9 years!
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Congrats on a great playoffs, Wayo. 

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Looks like I fell below the line. Oh well, with my work schedule anymore, I just haven't been into it.