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FPG 11/1/19 - RESULTS
« on: November 03, 2019, 11:25:01 AM »
I thought this week would be a good test to see who's got the new regime down and the tests came back pretty poorly. A lot of secondary games showed up today and that made a lot of people throw their lineups in the trash. Every game did get picked, but only one of them was not a key game. That means a lot of money flying around and low scores. But how did we get here?

Eazy az 1-2-3: 4 picks. Wayo, Kev, 985, and Flerb each get 10K. Only Wayo had it first, but for a win. He'll get 2x PA.
Bonkers: 50K goes to Wayo along with 2/6.
Pass the Buck: Flerbie gets the game all to himself. 50K and 1/1.
Switch?: 7 picks, the only non-key game. Punchy had it for a loss, Flerb and I had it 4th. JJ gets 1x PA.
Rat Race: 3 picks. JJ, Kev and dprice get 15K each. Only JJ had it for a loss. dprice takes 1X PA.
Freeze Frame: 2K gets that 50K this time, but with only 1/1 as well.

It was a weird lineup, evidenced by the fact you only needed 1/3 to make it to the top 10. 3 different people take the podiums this week with Wayo winning with a 4/18. Flerb managed to get second with 4/13 and JJ takes home a bronze with 3/12. Just brutal all around, but it did mean that every decision counted and multiple people could've easily moved their way up. For example, Flerb could've won if Pass the Buck was lost. But that's FPG and I wouldn't get too discouraged.

It's still early in the season and some rotations are still being set in stone. It was a very wide open week and no one was able to nail a game this time. But let's see if next week turns out any better.  I'll see you all on Friday.