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Seriously, please stop these.

If you want to start a new thread, great! We're always glad to have new things to talk about around here, and some of them even inspire thought-provoking conversation. This is a Good Thing.

What isn't a Good Thing, however, is when the title of the thread is misleading or clickbait. People shouldn't have to open a thread just to find out what it's actually about. Making titles clear and concise gives the reader the opportunity to determine if it's something they are interested in reading or not.

It isn't difficult to write proper titles for threads. Please do so. If the subject of your thread is such that you can't write a non-clickbait title, then chances are you're posting just to post, which is frowned upon anyways and you probably shouldn't do.

But isn't "Clickbait Titles..." a clickbait title? ;)

In all seriousness, however, this should go into The Front Office for maximum visibility.

You capitalized "Good" and "Thing". And you did it again. Now that's posting just to post.  :P

Okay, enough of that. I was able to brush it off when the title was vague, and even "Wheel of Fortune..." has its limits. But "Greed" could mean anything, such as an article about the ongoing greed of some celebrity or political power. Or why you think greediness is good or bad.

Yeah, I guess it's time to draw the line.

It wasn't so bad when it was once in a while, and when they were threads with genuinely interesting topics. Lately it's gotten way out of hand, and it always seems to be less-than-qualuty threads that (likely) wouldn't get attention otherwise.

Like CU said, if you have to bait people into visiting your thread, it's probably not worth posting to begin with.

/I look at it as another symptom of a major problem around here--people aren't putting any thought into what they post. I don't expect writing like what I read in scholarly or news articles, but seriously, some things that get posted are just sad. This board would be a much better read if people would actually think before they post.


--- Quote from: mechamind on November 10, 2019, 10:45:30 PM ---But "Greed" could mean anything, such as an article about the ongoing greed of some celebrity or political power.

--- End quote ---

Point of order--"Greed" wasn't the original title of that thread. ooboh's initial title for that was "On this day 20 years ago…"; "Greed" is what therealcu2010 changed it to in an attempt to make it less of a clickbait title.


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