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FPG 11/8/19 - RESULTS
« on: November 19, 2019, 12:19:48 PM »
Who knew that the most guest appearances we'd see this month would come from a court case and not soap stars on The Price is Right. I realize I've been slow, but I've been busy and the break has offered me time to relax. I don't remember everything from this week, but I do recall everyone's jaw being on the floor from seeing Hole in One again and shattering a bunch of lineups. Someone still picked it though, but we'll get to that. Otherwise it was a standard, if soft, Hole lineup. Which meant Plinko finally showed on back-to-back weeks for the first time this season. Here's the rundown:

Cover Up - 3 picks, good for 15K each. Hag, Wayo, and 123 each get 2/4 for their troubles. Hag also gets the lone PA monies with 2x.
Range Game - 3 picks. Wayo, dprice, Kev get 15K and 2 MP for guessing it'd be won.
Bargain Game - 4 picks. 10K goes to Wayo, Flerb, Cephas, 123. 123 had it 3rd, everyone else had it for a win.
Hole in One - Teddy came through with that bold prediction. 1/1 and 50K.
Flip Flop - 6 picks. 2K nails it.
Plinko - 3 picks. JJ, Punch, Teddy each get 15K. JJ nailed it.

Wayo led from the start and never looked back, dprice chose the right 1Ps, and JJ snuck in with nailing Plinko at the end. They are your medalists with 6/12, 4/18, and 4/4. We come back Friday for what should hopefully be the conclusion of one week stretching into two. See you all then.