Author Topic: FPG 11/22/19 - Stop-and-Go Traffic Edition  (Read 263 times)

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FPG 11/22/19 - Stop-and-Go Traffic Edition
« on: November 20, 2019, 04:58:20 PM »
Is it just me or has this week felt like stop-and-go traffic for anyone else? This week of FPG certainly has with its one week stretched into two. You'll want to consider all 4 shows if you want to do well on the 5th (or don't, weirder things have happened). Still, put on your thinking cap, get ready for some red lights, and I'll see you at the finish line.


SPOILERS: There might be spoilers for future shows, but I don't believe there are any for tomorrow. Make sure to add anything to the spoiler thread if I'm missing anything.

11/11/2019 (Monday - 8891K) S?/Card/Bag/CoG/X/Money
11/12/2019 (Tuesday - 8892K) Range/Danger/OA/Side/Stack/Math
11/13/2019 (Monday, 11/18/2019 - 8893K) Roo/Bargain/Balance/PaP/Gas/Move
11/14/2019 (Thursday - 8894K) Plinko/Squeeze/Grid/DX/Bull/TTM
11/15/2019 (Friday, 11/22/2019 - 8895K) Watch out for stalled vehicles.