Author Topic: New Year's Eve with Stu and Jeanine 2019 (with CJ Wallis as guest)  (Read 1471 times)

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Well tonight is the night where if you're brave to stay the full six hours (or however long it goes), you can all tune in and/or watch the New Year's Eve show that Stu Shostak and Jeanine Kasun do where it also could be its last starting at 7 pm Pacific, 10 pm Eastern. But this year features a guest that you may have heard when he did the Perfect Bid Documentary, CJ Wallis (aka fortyfps), and he'll be back once again along with other scheduled guests. Here is the full description of the whole show (as well as the Kinecon at Cinecon):

"Here we go again - it's time for the annual six-hour fun fest featuring comedy, talk, audience participation for prizes, phone calls and e-mails, and great celebrity guests including filmmakers CJ WALLIS and MALLORY KENNEDY (and they'll be bringing a sizzle reel for their upcoming "Stu's Show" documentary), actor JOEY D. VIEIRA and his son BEAU, television historian/producer/director JOEL TATOR, resident media critics STEVE BEVERLY and WESLEY HYATT, and announcer RANDY WEST."

"TUNE IN TWO HOURS EARLY AND ENJOY "KINECON AT CINECON" with Cinecon President STAN TAFFEL and "Stu's Show" host STU SHOSTAK - nearly two hours of live kinescope clips from the 1950s featuring variety shows, kid shows, game shows, and segments featuring Ernie Kovacs and Jack Benny. THIS STARTS AT 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET."

This should be a good one, and here is the video link to watch tonight and also the link to install Roku: