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FPG 1/10/20 - RESULTS
« on: January 11, 2020, 08:17:13 PM »
Picking the right casher was key to doing well on this show. Rat came back up again sooner than expected, so that was a wash. Let's look at the lineup:

Coming or Going - 8 picks. Nobody had it first. 985 and Cephas get 1x PA.
Pay the Rent - 2 picks. 2K and I get 25K each. 2K maxes out and gets 4x PA for it.
Lucky $even -  8 picks. Kev and Cephas nailed it, Punchy wins the PA battle and gets 2x pa.
1 Wrong Price - 10 picks. JJ and 2K nailed it. Kev gets 1x PA. Me and Flerb gets 2x PA.
Rat Race - SANDBAG.
Check Game - SANDBAG.

A lot more action and that is what I like to see. 2K won handily with 9/43. Despite all my close calls, I still managed to get 2nd with 6/18. JJ gets third and is close behind with 6/16. Good money this week, so congrats to everyone that was able to grab a piece of it. See you next week (hopefully) unscathed and ready to get a check-up.
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