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CSS Results -- 5 June 2006 (the others...)


Some exciting bids today in the CSS...including those in the semifinals, five were able to come within $1,000 below the ARP of the first showcase, including today's money winner.

I was gonna say something about my bid on the furniture, but I looked at the logs and I did indeed bid $16,935 instead of $16,035, so I'm over rather than "not too shabby" on that showcase.  :-P

Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some, and a few get rained out.  :-)

(Edit:  Oh yikes, I didn't just go over.......I Tommed that SC. X_X)

For what it's worth, I was closer on the Boat Showcase (743) than anyone else on this side of the brackets.  Even though I went over, it was a better bid that you all thought it was.

Hello!  :-D

That's probably my first win this year without a DSW. :-P

I nearly said $16,663, if I did I would have won both showcases, but anyway.


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