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FPG 1/24/20 - RESULTS
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:28:02 PM »
I don't know what's going to happen at the Grammys this weekend, but I have a hunch, just a hunch, that Billie Eilish is going to sweep everything there. Also, who knew how crazy things would get after this Price? This week's game came while I was taking a little trip to LA and seeing all the shows. Apologies for the delay, but it was amazing as usual. Look out for us on April 6, 8, and 10. I guarantee there'll be at least one show you all will like from that week. We may also play FPG on one of our shows, so that should be worthwhile.

Now onto the show. Meghan was at the show Friday and she brought along with her an aggressive lineup. Unfortunately it wasn't the lineup most were expecting. No 1P, Bargain showing up again instead of Switch?, it's not a good sign when the only non-key game is the one that was spoiled to show up. Here's the rundown:

Vend-O-Price: 3 picks. Cephas, Flerb, Punch all each receive $15K. Everyone had it for a win.
Bargain Game: 3 picks. $15K goes to tpir04, Punch, Tan8. 04 nailed it.
Gas Money: SPOILED. 14 picks. 7 people nailed it. That includes myself and Punch, who get 4X PA on that expensive Piano one bid.
Bonus Game: 4 picks. JJ, Tan8, 985, Teddy each get 10K. 985 and Tanzerey nailed it, JJ gets 2X PA, and Tan backed the right horse and gains 4X PA.
That's Too Much!: 2 picks. Tan and 985 each get 25K and 2 MP.
Race Game: 985 is the lone pick and will receive 50K and 1/2 for that selection.

It wasn't the bloodbath I was expecting it to be, but this would've been uglier if they hadn't spoiled Gas Money. We had a 4 way tie for 7th from all those 4/4's from Gas. Still, some people did have some degree of psychic prowess. Punch wins with a decent 8/14. Not far behind is Tanzerey8 with 7/22 and silver. 985 brings home the bronze with 7/18.

All our top 3 scored good money from the game, but because of Tanzerey's PA pick, he actually wins top cash by a hefty margin. That's one down, see you all next time.