Author Topic: RPG 2/13/20 - RESULTS  (Read 182 times)

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RPG 2/13/20 - RESULTS
« on: February 16, 2020, 11:43:18 AM »
Sometimes, one game changes everything. Today it was Switcheroo.

No one expected to come again after just 2 weeks and that ruined a lot of picks. Balance was a little more due, but still, no one picked it. That didn't mean doom for everyone, we still had two games picked by a slight majority. Sweeper picked up 2x PA from the highest scoring player of the day, Kev nailed Hole in One and got 4x PA for the game as well. Punchy and 985 swarmed to the top of the leaderboard after becoming the only two people to perfectly pick the final game of the day; it was enough to give them gold and silver. Thanks to Hole in One, JJ gets his 5th bronze of the season. And let's not forget Hag who was the only person to pick Make Your Move today.

Come back next week for Dream Car week. Will our contestants win the 500, or will they spin out in the middle of the course? See you all then.

Welcome back, vadernader. It's been a while.