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MPG 12/2/19 - RESULTS
« on: February 23, 2020, 02:47:24 AM »
I can't even remember much about this Cyber Monday show, but I know that Flip Flop again is kind of a bummer. I also know that I got really excited when I saw Line 'em Up, but you'll find out why in just a bit. And oh yeah, Squeeze Play for a car was such a disappointing way to end what was a good, regular lineup. Time for a rundown:

1/2 Off -  6 originally, 3 survived. Kev, 985, Sweep each get 15K. No one had it for a win.
Flip Flop - 4 at first, 3 made it. 985, dprice, and 2K get 15K. 985 maxed it out and got 4x PA.
Line 'em Up - I had the only pick and it survived. 50K and 2/6 for that.
Check-Out - 6 picks before and after the cut. I nailed that one,
Bargain Game - 5 before, 5 after. All had it for a win, but none 5th. Punchy and Flerb get 2x PA.
Squeeze Play (for a CAR) - 8 had it both way, 7 were accounted for. 2K nailed it, I got 1x PA.

Confidence and nailing a game were key. All three of our medalists got 4 MP off a game, but the confidence made all the difference. 985 won with 7/38, 2K got second with 7/18 and I got bronze with 7/16. We should've been more confident in our games, but you never know with this show. And with this behind us, I am finally all caught up.