Author Topic: FPG 2/28/20 - RESULTS  (Read 288 times)

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FPG 2/28/20 - RESULTS
« on: March 03, 2020, 01:02:37 PM »
Well, the Joker thing was a bust. While going for Temptation in theory might have been a good idea, the fact that 4 people did it pretty much made it impossible without having it be a SANDBAG (which it wasn't). Not helping matters is that Tempt aside, there was only 1 possible game that could've been jokered and successful. There was a group consensus on Pocket, Flip shows up every week and ME is pretty common too, and PaP was really due. What ended up ruining a majority of picks however was no SP. I may be a little unhappy with my picks, but Bonkers really should've been Bonus at the very least. Here's the rundown:

Temptation - 6 picks (including 4 dead jokers). 123 scored 2/10 and 2k receives 4/12 and 4x PA.
Flip Flop - 11 picks. 2K nailed it, 4 picked it for 2x PA.
Pick-a-Pair - 12 picks. Sweeper maxed out and 2K nailed it as well. 4 players picked it for PA including Sweep.
Bonkers - tpir04 was the only pick and he'll receive $50K and 2/2.
Most Expen$ive - 8 picks. 2K had it for a loss, vader and Wayo had it 5th, Flerb gets 1x PA.
Pocket Change - 5 picks. 3 had it 6th, no one for a win.

2K ran away with it from the start, so it's no surprise he won the runner-runner bonus and handily won with 14/50. vader also had a pretty good game, but 3 of his 4 picks had the right slot, wrong result. While that'll sting a little, he still did very well. He accomplished his first medal with me and that was a silver with 8/26. Sweep has also been having a rough time this season, but maxing PaP was key and enough to secure his first medal of the season, a bronze, with 6/34. Fresh blood this week, yay.

Coming back on Friday as we continue to march through March. See you then!