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FPG 3/13/20 - RESULTS
« on: March 13, 2020, 12:33:33 PM »
While it was very similar to a lineup we had earlier in the season, we got a bunch of less common games together. No common cars, two midrange 2Ps, a lot of people got stung because they went Cliff over Roo. No one really benefited from the added money for the game. It beefed up the pot for the week, but no one took advantage of it for the pricing games. Here's the rundown:

Side by Side: 11 picks. 2K nailed and I maxed out with 4x PA.
Switcheroo: 3 picks. JJ, 123 and I earn 15K each. JJ gets 2/2, I get 4/4 and 123 gets 4/20 and 4x PA.
Magic #: Another 3 picks. Tan8, 123 and Sweep get 15K this time. All had it for a win, 123 and Sweep had it 3rd.
Gas Money: SANDBAG
Pick-a-Pair: 3 picks again. 2K, Sweep, Flerb each receive 15K.
Make Your Move: SANDBAG #2

The rule of threes. The numbers were in the stars as 123 gets his first medal of the season, gold, with 9/34. I win the cash for the week, even with only that 1-2. I got the silver with 8/32. 2K did well enough with his picks to earn 3rd with 6/24. It's not a great look when 4 MPs is good enough for 6th place. Thankfully, a lot of people picked Side, but we still ended up with a bunch of bagels.

We should be having a game for Mash-Up week in a couple weeks, but with everything that's going on, that may change. I'll try and keep you posted with this, but once again thank you all for playing the game. I enjoy hosting and I hope you all enjoy playing, and I'll see you all next time for another exciting game of FPG.
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