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PLAYOFF INFO & Final Regular Season Leaderboard (19 games)
« on: April 30, 2020, 10:46:45 AM »
It was a short season, but you guys made it to the Playoffs. Because we have a shortened season, we're going to eliminate the top 12 game and  just head into the qualifiers.

Other than that, the rules are the same as last year. Here's a refresher if you forgot how it works.

Key cash will not be awarded, nor will the normal scale of FPG points and cash. Everything else is still in play, however - the 1/2/3/4 point bonuses, NCFAC picks (if you have any left) and the six-for-six cash award can still be earned. There's a lot of NCFAC picks still out there, so don't be afraid to use them, they don't rollover into next season.

Because I'm nice and because the player levels are already low as is, anyone who's played 5 or more games is qualified to play in the playoffs.

Here's how the schedule will work.

Quarterfinals: May 1, 2020 (#9115K)

> The top eight MP/CP scorers advance to the semifinals.
> You must score at least 1 MP to advance.
> Eliminated players receive 30 points and $75,000 on the leaderboard.

Scrimmage: May 7, 2020 (#9134K)

> Since it's a 4-show week, I don't want it to impede progress because a show got cancelled.
> Would like to make it count for the regular season, but worry it may be too confusing.

Semifinals: May 15, 2020 (#9145K)

> The top four MP/CP scorers advance to the finals.
> You must still score at least 1 MP to advance.
> Eliminated players receive the following...

     8th place: 70 points and $200,000
     7th place: 80 points and $300,000
     6th place: 90 points and $400,000
     5th place: 100 points and $500,000

The Finals: May 22, 2020 (#9155K)

> Finalist bonuses are as follows...

     4th place: 125 points and $750,000
     3rd place: 150 points and $1,000,000
     Runner-Up: 200 points and $1,500,000
     Grand Champion: 300 points and $3,000,000

There is one backup game the following week, but I would prefer for it not to come to that because of circumstances. I hope we can finish this season without a hitch and I wish good luck to everyone participating. May the best FPG player win.