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RPG 4/23/20 - RESULTS
« on: April 24, 2020, 12:15:29 AM »
This was the regular finale for FPG and it felt like a finale. Surprise appearances, FPG twists, things no one expected, it was a great way to cap off the season. Sure, one person predicted a three car show, but didn't guess either other game right. People did not expect Plinko to be the smallest winner of the half. It was a good show and I do believe the surprises made it all the better. Here's the rundown:

Safe Crackers (for a CAR) - 123 was confident about this. 2/12, 2x PA and $50,000 all to himself.
Squeeze Play - 6 picks. Hag was the only one to nail it.
Plinko - Everyone picked the spoiler. 6 people nailed it, 2 of those also picked it for 4x PA. Hags also gets 1x PA.
One Away - SPOILED. vader and Wayo nailed it. I get 1x PA, Punchy gets 2x PA.
Vend-O-Price - 5 picks. Everyone had it for a win, only Sweep maxed it out and got 4x PA. Kev gets 2x PA.
Pick-a-Number (for a CAR) - 3 picks. vader, Wayo and 2K each will receive 15K. Wayo nailed it, vader maxed it.

People missed out on the truly big cash from the games and NCFAC, but when 4/4 is the low, you know people did at least somewhat good. Wayoshi had a stellar second half and that gave him the win with 14/38. vader also had a strong finish, ending with silver and 12/32. Safe was a successful risk for 123 as he takes home another bronze with 9/27.

Congrats on navigating another successful (if shortened) season of FPG. Stay tuned shortly for the final regular leaderboard and rules on playoffs starting next week.