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Re: Discussion on Drew Carey's performance as host of Price
« Reply #45 on: May 15, 2020, 09:09:14 PM »
Because as time has passed fans are realizing that quite a few things Bob and Roger did and let go under the radar weren't ok and that some of roger's harping on the show now is not only unfair...but somewhat hypocritical. He and the production team made some errors in some elements of the show.

Again, I respect Roger, but it's becoming clear that he's not interested in even discussing the things the show has been doing right for the last 10-11 seasons and that in spite of things being slightly different (because at the end of the day they didn't change that much to the average viewer) the show is still a success.

In my view,

Roger is still resentful of being fired from the show so that it could take "new directions" for younger generations and technological change.  Research shows that as people age, they are less and less agreeable to change, and certainly in Roger's case, being forcibly given his walking papers from the show that made Bob and he icons.  Roger will probably never say anything positive about the Drew era of the show for the rest of his life.  I felt Roger should have stayed on and very fair compromising balances could have been made.  The biggest problem now is the time constraints that the show now has, requiring that more ad-time be sold.

Drew is no Bob Barker, but he makes an honest effort more often than not at hosting. He really has to keep the show moving due to time restrictions.


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Re: Discussion on Drew Carey's performance as host of Price
« Reply #46 on: May 16, 2020, 03:51:24 AM »
Look. Roger was dealt a bad hand. He went through the process of setting up and coordinating several audition episodes only the be told that all of it was for nothing and they were hiring Drew Carey for the "name factor," without an audition. He then had less than two months to put together a gameplan to teach someone, who admitted to having never seen the show, *at least* half the games and the show structure. And that was just so that the show would start a month late. All the while, this new host wasn't a fan of trying to learn/rehearse outside of the studio (what a shock for a comedian/improviser). His prior experience in game shows being a relaxed format setup around improv, even more relaxed with him as host, and $10 Million Range Game (I bet he had Range Game's rules down pat from the start). He adapted the best he could, but I'd bet being constantly overruled on many things left a bad taste in his mouth, as did being unceremoniously fired from an organization he put a lot of work into for 30+ years at that point. He was perhaps a bit too old fashioned in his producing, and Price definitely needed a shot in the arm that Roger was too stuck in his ways to even try a little, but he definitely wasn't treated that great.

Unfortunately, that treatment has left him far too bitter and critical of the show. There are certainly ideas that the show has done now that he would've done or considered in his post that are now outright dismissed. The positive things the show has done, like restoring the old door frames, simply go unmentioned so it can be a poo-poo party on his page. And I'll still follow. He still has great insight, tidbits, and stories from producing the show and working on other G-T productions. It's just a shame that we've got to wade through a bunch of crap to hear it.

It's also shame some people still can't see how much Drew has improved. I understand that it shouldn't have taken as long for him. Whereas someone like Mark L. Walberg or Todd Newton would've found a groove and knew all the games in a season or two, it took Drew at least 4 to find his consistent groove. While he had a fine time hosting the show the first couple of seasons. You could really tell that he enjoyed coming to work by Season 39/40. This past decade you could just see how much fun he was having. Part of it was finally finding a groove and paying attention to the games, part of it was the show having a steady family and chemistry with the models, George and Drew. Am I sitting here calling him perfect? No. He's far from it, and it's a shame we don't have someone closer to it. Some days are worthy of criticism that I'm ready to dish out. But at the same time, he's what we got and he's steering a fine ship and having fun doing it and it, for me, makes up for some of the shortcomings. I still most certainly enjoy this show very much.
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Re: Discussion on Drew Carey's performance as host of Price
« Reply #47 on: May 29, 2020, 03:33:12 AM »
I think Drew is a great host because of his humility. Going from “star” to “host”, introducing Rich then George at the top of every show, Models getting microphones, male models. Drew is perfectly fine with being on the edge of the spotlight instead of the center.

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Re: Discussion on Drew Carey's performance as host of Price
« Reply #48 on: May 29, 2020, 11:19:11 AM »
So, I started watching Price in the mid-90s when I was 4ish, or 5. But I wasn't really "hardcore watching" until Bob's final two seasons; but I did see the transition of Bob to Drew. Naturally, Drew was "tight" or "rigid" the first couple of years. I mean he's coming in on the heels of a legend that had cemented himself in our homes for 35 years, so there are big shoes to fill. I didn't like him at first, I'll be honest. I didn't want to see Bob go, and I didn't want to see the show change.

But, frankly, things got much better after Dob left and Mike got settled in. Drew was much more comfortable, he had picked up his own style, and the people generally seemed to love him. He had his quirks and humor that made him his own.  The sad thing is that even to this day, as much as I respect Roger and his outstanding work along with Bob on the show, he can never say one positive thing about Drew or the show in general today. In his eyes, everything should have stayed in the 20th century; don't introduce new games, don't make set changes, and Drew is just terrible along with the rest of the staff. He doesn't like Drew's humor, but for God's sake, the man is a comedian! That was his life before Price and technically still is. And, of course, Dob has his band of "merry men" who cling on to his every word as gospel and he just has to be right no matter what.

Bottom line, Drew has definitely found his niche after 13 years and is doing an excellent job. He's no Bob, and rightfully so. Bob himself said he didn't want Drew (or whoever the choice was) to be a clone of him. He wanted them to be their own person and host their own way. I applaud Bob for that. If Price is around in 20+ years, will Drew still be there? I'm not sure. I could see him doing 35 years. It would put him at 85 years old, two years older than Bob was when he retired.

The problem is there are always going to be those who think Drew has always and will forever be just plain awful, whether it's Roger or his LFaTs. Yeah, the transition to Drew from Bob was not the best. Dob had no say in the choice and the suits already had their mind made up on Drew. But, I think that it was the best choice. And Mike's letting Roger go was a good decision because he knew it was going tp be nothing but headbutting on any changes no matter what they were.  Roger is simply bitter and will never let it go. There's a reason Price is still going strong with Drew at the helm and he's retired spending his days drinking margaritas, traveling, and using Facebook to bash the current Price "administration." Just let it go, man;
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