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The Spirit of '76 is upon us all! I'll link the ground rules from my 1975 episode here:,30967.0.html

Here's the interview question for this episode:

How's this for an off-the wall celebrity special? The Price is Right: Game Show Host Edition! Aside from Bob Barker and Drew Carey, which game show host, past or present, do you believe has the most knowledge of prices? Who has the ability to win it all?

To accommodate for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, sign-ups will end on Wednesday, May 27 at 8:00 PM EDT. Good luck!

Gotta be Bill Cullen. He hosted the show for nine years!  :P

If I had to say one it would be Marc Summers. I grew up watching him on Nickelodeon.

My mind is telling me Tom Kennedy. And I just thought of something. He hosted the Nighttime version of TPIR! Lol!  :biggrin:

Sure, I'll jump in.

Time for a cop-out answer: Mike Richards, the host of GSN's Pyramid and Divided. He only left the show a year ago, so I'd assume he still has some rudimentary knowledge of the prices and have the best chance of winning. He undoubtedly would have access to how they price the trips, which is perhaps the hardest part to price, and prizes like the E16 and Vespas don't fluctuate that much between seasons.

Now, if he can't because of legal issues, David Ruprecht from Supermarket Sweep would probably do the best on the grocery products, although he wouldn't know much about pricing things over $25 besides cash.


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