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FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« on: June 06, 2006, 01:08:08 PM »
Production #3652K - Taped June 1, 2006

Bob: stage entrance
First Four lineup: right to left
Handoff: Brandi

Models of the Day: Phire Dawson, Brandi Sherwood and Shane Stirling
Wearing: Jovani

1  Kasson Tudor Pool Table (P&S)
KRISTEN 1800   CHARMAINE 1999   VICTORIA *2450   ALEX 2000   ($3385)  

Victoria from Calgary, AB plays SAFE CRACKERS for 2 Honda CRF100 Offroad Motorcycles (S)
and 2 HJC Helmets (P)($5208)

Numbers:   0 2 4
Setting:   4 2 0   OPEN   WIN!

2  Nourison India House Area Rug/Gold Bond Powder (B)
+Kristen 1050   +Charmaine 1501   BRENDA 1000   +Alex 1500   OVERBID
          825               801           750          799   OVERBID
         *600               399           425          275   ($749)
                                               STUPID 3rd BID

Kristen plays TEMPTATION for a Ford Mustang (Std., PSeat, WheelLock)(P)

Fitz and Floyd Serving Pieces          $ 660   0/6   6       No Changes
Grill & Chill Tailgate Grill            3535   3/5   5      Goes for Car
Vax X5 Upright Vacuum                    299   2/9   2    Kristen: $26,520
Medirub Foot/Body Massagers              500   0/5   0    Price:   $20,325
                                       $4994                   LOSS

3  Ashley Durapella Sleeper Sofa (P)
KEVIN 1600   +Charmaine *399   Brenda 899   +Alex 799   ($699)

Charmaine successfully employs the "Smeghead Gambit" to play COMING OR GOING for a
Little Guy Teardrop Camper (S)

$5993   (She's "Going")   LOSS   ($3995)

$  699   Charmaine   45 + 30   .75   Through to Showcase Round
   789   Kristen     35 + 95    OV
 8,593   Victoria     5 + 50   .55

4  Dynastar His+Her Ski+Snowboard Equipment/Hot Pockets (S)
Kevin *1501   LEANN 1500   Brenda 999   +Alex 1300   ($2834)


Pathfinder 4 pc Luggage Set (B)            $1070
Motorized Treadmill (P)              PICK   1299   LOSS
Broyhill Tropical Dining Group (S)          2725

5  Dimplex Symphony Electric Fireplace (P)
YVONNE 1595   Leann 2500   Brenda 2599   +Alex 3000   OVERBID
        595          900         *1000           *1   ($1199)

Brenda plays SWITCHEROO

Numbers:  1 2 3 5 9
                                   1st Try      1st Try
Ford Ranger XL (Std., AC)(S)     $1 5 9[9]5   $1 5,9[9]5  ($15,933)
Jukebox CD/Radio                       [5]0         [5]0  (     90)
Milk Frother                           [3]8         [2]8      WIN
Disco Ball Lamp                        [1]1         [3]1  (     11)
(Back to Basics) Breakfast Maker       [2]0         [1]0  (     50
                                   1 RIGHT     1 RIGHT      LOSS

One gets the feeling Alex is making things hard when they're not. That leads to dire
consequences, like banishment to the "First Four" Breakfast Club. Right now, Alex
faces that very possibility. Can he struggle his way out of the Row?

6  (GE Profile?) Washer+Dryer/Space Bag (B-aboard "Little Toot")
Yvonne 1100   Leann 1101   BRADY *799  +Alex 1000   ($828)

Alex heads off to the membership desk while Brady plays BULLSEYE for a Kawasaki STX12F
Jet Ski (S)($9098)

(2) (David) Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds        5 x 1.09   $5.45  *
(5) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (bottle)   4 x 2.99   11.96  WIN!

(1) Tidy Cats Scoop Cat Litter
(3) (Hershey's) Syrup (squeezer)
(4) Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce

$1,210   Brenda   60 stay   .60
 2,874   Kevin    85 stay   .85
 9,926   Brady    95 stay   .95   Through to Showcase Round

Brady has the honor.

BID   $24,500   (Apple) Desktop Computer (B)
PRICE    42,554   Trip to Berlin, GER (6n)(P)
DIFF   -18,054   Chrysler Sebring GTC (Std., Alarm, Speakers, Stereo, ALB)(S)

SC2-Charmaine   Broyhill Elk River Bedroom Group
BID   $15,000   Comfortaire Royal Duchess Sleep Set (S)
PRICE    18,794   Aegean Beach Towels
DIFF    -3,794   Beachcomber Hot Tub (P)
TOTAL   $19,493

Today's Pricing Games: 2 for 6
Total Winnings: $42,885

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2006, 01:20:52 PM »
Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bidding Round #1- #227, Victoria, AND #228, Kristen! :-D

Safe Crackers- Wow, could that be any more of a layup? Simple.

Showcase Showdown #1- Just, wow.

Showcase- SHOWCASES ON STEROIDS!!! Man, that was crazy.


SHOW SUMMARY AND GRADE- Decent show today... Grade: 2

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2006, 01:24:51 PM »
It's very frustrating when contestants don't pick the "95" price in Coming or Going.  That's got nothing to do with being a loyal viewer, either:  every price everywhere for almost anything in real life ends in 95!  Or at least any advertised price.  Why don't people pick up on this?  Or actually, they do.  In Money Game at least, which of course, doesn't really help them win that, but still, contestants picking 95 in Money Game is a lot more understandable than contestants not picking 95 in Coming or Going.

Speaking of Coming or Going, anyone notice the lights weren't working today?  It look fine in the far shots, but it looked like it had a bad case of blackheads close up .

When was the last time the SP and GP games were played fifth and sixth, regardless of which was which?

When was the last time a contestant missed the thousands digit in Temptation, anyway?  As much as I want to say Bob's guess of 1979 is exaggeration, I honestly can't recall a single time it's happened before.

Today's Safe Crackers reveal was the coolest thing they've done since they've started opening the doors before Bob got to them.  Just starting on the "Safe," then panning out to the full name and then to Bob and the contestant... I hope this becomes permanent!

I don't like Broyhill.  They don't seem to be as consistently cheap as Ashley, or as consistently expensive as Aico, making them harder to price.

Was that real perfume sprayed on the contestants at the end of the first showcase?


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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2006, 01:27:07 PM »
Safe Crackers: Very easy. No way those helmets could be $240.

Temptation: This however, was VERY hard. I had a bad feeling that 0 as the second digit would trip up somebody, and it did. All of the numbers in the car were low. I would have only got one digit right myself (my guess was $20,590). Unless it is suddenly played one last time this season (possibly on the other postponed episode of the season), this game just got kicked into the Winless for the Season Club with Triple Play. And Bob, you know nothing about history.

Coming Or Going: I knew it was $3,995, but not she.

Most Expensive: Very easy.

Switcheroo: Putting 9 in the truck was a horrible move.

Bullseye: A near-$10,000 prize was won in this game!

Showcases: Brady didn't have much to work with, as the first showcase was hard to win, given that the car in there was not a sportscar. As soon as the other person made her bid, I knew Brady had lost, so I didn't bother watching the final segment.

Overall: They tried making today's show good, with Temptation, Switcheroo, and a big Showcase, but today's show was pretty boring. Most contestants played very poorly.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2006, 01:35:11 PM »
safecrackers: i personally thought it was $240. how could helmets be $210 EACH?
iufb 2: wouldn't charmaine's 3rd bid qualify as a stupid bid after alex bid $425?
temptation: the mustang curse strikes again. a v6 engine is nothing super-special, so i knew she was totally wrong with that 6! along with roger being evil on the last digit, the case was clear for her to stop. i knew the 0 was second, so the 5 would probably be the last, and the 3 would therefore be third. i would have been tripped up by the fourth, as i guessed 9 (how many times has that 9 tripped up cover up players?).
cog: absolutely NO reason to lose this.
most expensive: ditto. the dinette was screaming to be picked.
iufb 5: i would have also overestimated the fireplace. even electric fireplaces are usually expensive.
switcheroo: i thought the 2 or the 3 was right until she put the 9 in. then i was rudely shocked when my 1st idea was right!
bullseye: i have seen the sunflower seeds and knew 10 would slam dunk, however i guessed the dressing was $3.99 given the frequent evil prices on it.
showcases: i knew brady had lowballed, but not THAT much. the gts must be even more expensive than a regular sebring.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2006, 01:45:21 PM »
oh, and did anybody notice when the convertible was revealed, that the "pillars" were decorated with the season 34 logo? that means they might have a closeout soon.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2006, 01:57:48 PM »

BobboChung wrote:
Bullseye: A near-$10,000 prize was won in this game!

You seem to recap things that happened in the show without providing any comments on them. Joe's the recapper; we don't need recapping from anyone else.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #7 on: June 06, 2006, 02:50:31 PM »
I would like to go on record as saying I loved the perfume showcase. By far one of the best this season.

Temptation was rather anti-climactic today.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #8 on: June 06, 2006, 02:52:16 PM »
Nice Bullseye win today with only four cents remaining!
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #9 on: June 06, 2006, 03:10:04 PM »
Brady was almost the perfect example of how a contestant can still take advantage of being the ninth of nine to be called down.  He made a very good bid on the washer and dryer, won Bullseye handily, and just got tripped up on what has to be at least a $31,000 Sebring.  I've been waiting to see a ninth contestant to win their game and the showcase, and Brady's been the closest in a long time.

It would be easy to say that Temptation was not set up for a win, but it's almost cruel to play this game for a Mustang coupe, because everybody always assumes that the Mustang is at least $25,000.  Unfortunately, unless it's the convertible, it never is.  I think a Mustang coupe has been won recently, but it sure doesn't seem like it.  In any event, Kristin should have taken the prizes, because even had the zero been there instead of the six, the price still didn't look right.  I would wager that Bob asked multiple times if she was sure she wanted to go for the car because he knew that she didn't have it right.

I would also echo the statement that today's perfume showcase theme is one of the best of this season, if not all time.  And not a bad array of prizes either!

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #10 on: June 06, 2006, 03:14:17 PM »
Safe Crackers: Not a hard choice at all... $240 just didn't sound like it was enough...

Temptation: This was a lost cause the second she took that 6... Not that the 5 or 0 were good guesses, either.. She should've taken the gifts and ran. :-?

Coming Or Going: Knowing that the "Teardrop" camper is less expensive than the "Five Wide", this was a very easy choice.. Besides, $5,993 didn't quite look right. Oy...

Most Expensive: While I wasn't sure if this was one of the less expensive treadmills, the dining room just seemed like the smarter choice...

Switcheroo: I knew some of these prices, but not all of them.. I hadn't seen that particular breakfast maker before, but was fairly sure on the other three SP.. Not only did Brenda commit the cardinal sin of filling in the truck before the other prizes on her first turn, but I think she totally confused herself on her second turn.. :-?

Bullseye: One of these days a contestant will realize those sunflower seeds are $1.09.. Still, he nailed it with the salad dressing.. And two out of six is, well... Still not good.

Showcases: Brady obviously was way off on his showcase.. Mind you, my guess of $33,500 would've been way off, too, but $24,500 wasn't even going to cover that car... Showcases with Seabrings seem to throw people off as badly as Mustangs. :-?

Charmaine's bid, while not good, was good enough (heck, she could've bid $1,000 and won, after all)... I was thinking $17,000 on hers...
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #11 on: June 06, 2006, 04:03:23 PM »

chnlsrfr4 wrote:
I would like to go on record as saying I loved the perfume showcase. By far one of the best this season.

Definitely... especially the part with Brandi. :-D

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #12 on: June 06, 2006, 04:27:13 PM »
Is it just me, or is Switcheroo being played alot oftel lately? Just wanna know.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #13 on: June 06, 2006, 05:43:53 PM »
Safe Crackers today seemed easy to me. And I noticed Bob didn't have her spin the wheel around 3 times; of course, I don't see Safe that often, but I just noticed it.

Temptation: That was hard, for most contestants, even. has a pic of just one number right. Well, 2 if you count the first number, but there was only 4 numbers.

I did like how Bob said you can change all 5 numbers. "Bob, I want to change the first number."  :-P

I would have taken those prizes, myself, just because of that last prize.  :-)

I would have thought most contestants would have chosen the $3,995, just because it ends it a 5. I guess not this one. Which is good, in a way.

Most Expensive seemed easy today. That's all I have to say about that game.  :-)

Switcheroo: Didn't we just see this last Monday? Oh, wait a minute....... Anyway, she didn't change 2 prizes on her second prize. Not that it mattered much.

$11 for that disco thing? I need to watch the show more often; I thought it was the 9!

I was glad to see the 9th contestant get up, and win a pricing game. Of course, I'm usually happy to see contestants win a pricing game.  :-)

That car showcase........I can't say much; I only bid $50 more than him.  :-)

Well, I reviewed it today. See if I see it tomorrow. Some famous guy is coming to our city tomorrow. What was his name? Bash, Besh, Bish, Bosh. Well, I'll think of it.  :-)

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/06/2006
« Reply #14 on: June 06, 2006, 06:07:58 PM »
PG #1 - To me, $240 seemed too cheap to be a Safecrackers prize.  I went with $420.  :-(

PG #2 - If we were playing for a Mustang convertible, $26,520 would be an acceptable price.  This audience should know better.  They should not have told her to take the 6 as the second number.  If this game was gonna be lost, it should've been lost on the fourth number.  That was the toughest number up there, and amazingly, she had that one right.  I had $20,395.

PG #3 - Should not have been lost.  Any price that ends in 95 in this game is gonna be right.

PG #4 - Also should not have been lost.

PG #6 - If that container of Tidy Cats was $7.47, it had no business being in this game.

Showcases - "No, Brady!  That won't even cover the price of the convertible!"

My bids - Convertible:  $34,800.  Random room/spa:  $13,900.
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