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May 25, 1998
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First Four: Janice, Andrew, Liza, Chantal

IUFB1: Assorted Lawn Care Products
Chantal: $1250*
Liza: $1000
Andrew: $850
Janice: $1050
ARP: $1270

PG1: Five Price Tags--Played for a Jeep Cherokee SE 2-Door 4x2

Possible prices: $20,645, $17,909, $18,450, $16,235, $19,743

SP1: Capture Carpet Cleaner Kit--$35? Guesses true, ARP: $35
SP2: Blockbuster Video James Bond VHS Collection--$55? Guesses false, ARP: $41
SP3: Toastmaster Waffle Iron--$40? Guesses true, ARP: $55
SP4: Telko Vibration Door Alarm--$18? Guesses true, ARP: $18

Chantal wins three picks from the five price tags

First pick: $18,450? NO
Second pick: $19,743? NO
Third pick: $20,645? NO

ARP: $16,235


At the start of the game, Bob introduces Chantal (the contestant) to Chantal (the model).

Second Calldown: Kenneth

IUFB2: Pulaski Furniture Jewelry Armoire
Kenneth: $1400
Liza: $750
Andrew: $585*
Janice: $800
ARP: $693

PG2: Clock Game--Played for a BenchCraft Sofa and Keys Fitness Treadmill

First, Andrew will bid on Sofa

Andrew's bids/Bob's responses: $600/H, $700/H, $800/L, $750/H, $780/H, $790/H, $791/H, $792/H, $793/H, $794/H, $795/H, $796/H, $797/H, $798/H, $799 (wins with 20 seconds left)

Next, he will bid on Treadmill

Andrew's bids/Bob's responses: $1000/L, $900/L, $700/H, $750/H, $760/H, $770/H, $780/H, $790/H, $791/H, $792/H, $793/H, $794/H, $800/H, $810/H, $820/H, $830/H, $840/H, $850/H, $860/H, $870/H, $880/H, $890/H, $1000/L, $900/L, $910... MRRRRRRRRP!

ARP: $899


Bob tries to stop the clock at the last second, but alas, it is too late. He then does his famous "get off the stage" routine just before the theme starts up.

Third Calldown: Monetta

IUFB3: Pulaski Furniture Pine Island Kitchen Workstation
Monetta: $500
Janice: $750*
Kenneth: $600
Liza: $665
ARP: $814

PG3: Pick-a-Number--Played for an American 14.6 Day Sailer

Price: $5,5?1

Possible numbers: 2, 6, 8

Janice's pick: 6

ARP: $5,561


Chantal: .30+.75=OVER
Andrew: .95
Janice: .15+.50=.65

Andrew is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Michelle

IUFB4: 3 Passport Tables
Michelle: $750
Kenneth: $1250
Liza: $1300
Monetta: $751*
ARP: $754

PG4: Shopping Spree--Played for a 4-Panel Screen, Ashley Dinette Set, Robert H. Peterson Company Fireplace Equipment and Brass Etagere

Monetta must spend at least $4,500 to win

First purchase: Dinette--$1,098 ($3,402 remaining)
Second purchase: Etagere--$2,295 ($1,107 remaining)
Third purchase: Screen--$1,500 ($4,893 spent)

Other ARP: Fireplace Set--$575


Before the next calldown, it is revealed that the real reason Kenneth got on the show is because he was originally to return home to San Francisco after visiting his grandmother, but his friends in the Orange Gang decide to take him to the studio for what happens to be his 18th birthday instead.

Fifth Calldown: Marlene

IUFB5: Quoizel Lighting Chandelier
Marlene: $800
Michelle: $950
Kenneth: $1000*
Liza: $900
ARP: $1050

PG5: Grand Game

Target price: $4.50

GP1: Aquafresh Whitening
GP2: Clean Shower Spray
GP3: FiberCon Laxative
GP4: Wisk Liquid Detergent
GP5: Geritol Vitamins
GP6: Mrs. Butterworth's Light Syrup

First pick: Syrup--$2.99, wins $10
Second pick: Cleaner--$2.59, wins $100
Third pick: Toothpaste--$3.99, wins $1,000

Kenneth decides to continue

Fourth pick: Detergent--$3.53, wins $10,000

Other ARPs: Unknown


Kenneth just picked up $10,000 as a birthday gift!

Now Liza is down to her last chance to bid, knowing that if she doesn't win, she will be sent off to the dreaded FFBC. Will fate be kind to her in this final round?

Sixth Calldown: Amalia

IUFB6: Academy Broadway Camping Equipment
Amalia: $675
Liza: $500
Marlene: $525*
Michelle: $676
ARP: $535

Thanks to a winning bid that was $25 more than hers, Liza is now in the FFBC.

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Towle Coffee Urn or Mercury Tracer GS

First number in Car: 1

First pick: 3, second number in Car
Second pick: 5, fifth number in Car
Third pick: 9, first number in Piggy Bank
Fourth pick: 7, first number in Coffee Urn
Fifth pick: 6, third number in Piggy Bank
Sixth pick: 8, second number in Coffee Urn
Seventh pick: 2, third number in Car
Eighth pick: 4, second number in Piggy Bank

Other ARPs: Car--$13,215, Coffee Urn--$780


Why didn't you pick that other 1, Marlene?

Marlene: .60
Monetta: .95
Kenneth: .35+.10=.45

Monetta is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Monetta
Runner-Up: Andrew

Night Vision Goggles, Seattle, Mediterranean Cruise
Monetta passes to Andrew, who bids $8,725

Pulaski Furniture Bedroom Group with Atelier Martes Bedding Ensemble and Loving Care Mattress Set, Martex Towels, Sonoma Round Portable Acrylic Spa
Monetta bids $11,167

ARP of Monetta's Showcase: $14,855 (Difference: $3,688)
ARP of Andrew's Showcase: $11,017 (Difference: $2,292)

Andrew wins his Showcase, and takes home $12,509 in cash and prizes!