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rockyboy's Price Is Right Episode 1: Just Getting Started

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(This was supposed to be posted Sunday, but I was WAY too busy w/ other stuff.)

Hello, everyone! I am stoked to host my first-ever episode of The Price is Right! This is based off the current 1-hour version, so I don't really need to explain any further. Anyway, if you want a spot on this show, answer this question:

The powers that be have decided to resume production for The Price is Right today! What should the show do to make sure they adhere to the California guidlines amid this pandemic?

(The funnier the response is, the better chance you have getting called earlier! Signups close Monday at 12 AM.)

Everyone must be in a costume similar to the Bubble Boy from Seinfeld! (Shirts with "Moops" on them is optional.)

Only allow nine audience members into the studio and have them sit at all the corners of the audience with one in the middle. Whoever gets called down plays from the turntable and the three doors left to right. The host is always situated stage center with the prizes, pricing games and showcases played on the plasma screens. For the Showcase Showdown, players shout "Stop the wheel!"

Steal the monitor from 1 vs 100 and play via webcam. They've already done it for LMAD minisodes, and although it would suck, it'd be better than a lawsuit.

Actually, screw that, how about you turn into a reality TV show and don't even have the studio. Save money by just filming Clock Game with random strangers on the street, and not worry about all the hastle of getting 300 people infected

Everyone is required to wear an inflatable dinosaur costume, that way they're distancing and its like wearing a big hazmat suit.


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