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Hello all! It is time for another edition of tpiradam's Price is Right! Celebrating just over one year since being reborn! To celebrate I have decided to follow in the footsteps of other great HYO hosts on this site and do a flashback style episode. Buckle up those seatbelts because this time capsule is taking a ride all the way back to...

Season 16

But with a twist! Instead of using an old lineup with modern prizes, I'm using an old lineup with prizes from that era. Be prepared to adjust for inflation as every prize offered on this show will come straight out of 1987/1988. To become eligible to participate all you need to do is respond saying you're interested. To be considered for a spot in contestant's row what I'd like to hear is simple: Tell me your favourite memory from that time period. Whether it's a favourite toy or song or something you saw on TPIR, the most well thought-out answers will be selected as contestants. If you, like me, were not born yet at that period or you don't remember that far back no worries! Just tell me something about that time period that you would've loved to have experienced. Sign ups will be open until the completion of Rockyboy's show. If his show ends before Wednesday night sign ups will close then!

I am interested. I love the game Add Em Up on The Price Is Right.

I'll play!

I'd love to go back to Showbiz Pizza, back in it's heyday! Classic arcade games a-plenty!

Hmm...I'd want to experience the technology of the era, especially video games and software for PCs. Just to see how they began and how they evolved to what we have today.

One Thing: The Nintendo Entertainment System (and all of its accessories)


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