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I have neglected to point out that due to the prizes being from 1987/1988 that the prices of those prizes are from that era as well as opposed to adjusted to 2020 prices.

I'm in!

My favorite memory of 1987/1988 is well... my birth. So since I was just born, I don't really really have personal memories from those years.

I'm definitely in on this one! The 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary!

I was born during the next season. Iíll pick Wheel of Fortune going to all cash in the nighttime version. Itís served the show quite well after they dropped shopping.

I'm in! I'll go for August 8, 1988 (8/8/88). A number of things happened that day:

* Princess Beatrice was born that day in London.
* The Cubs played their first night game ever that day against my beloved Phillies. The first home run ever under the lights at Wrigley Field was hit by Phil Bradley, but sadly, the game was rained out before it became an official game.
* And perhaps most importantly, it was my 10th birthday :-D.


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