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9821's The Price is Right Episode 3 - Throwback to Season 48

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ohi there! I'm here for another one of those new-fangled HYOs! However, since we loved doing a lot of throwbacks, I decided I would do one to the good old days of Season 48! This means I'll follow the format of the show with six pricing games, two SCSDs, and a Showcase, and it will be totally normal and not devolve into chaos at all!

Here are the rules if you're want in:

* I'll PM you when you get called on down, when you make it on stage, and if you make it to the Showcase.
* Deadlines are 24 hours, but you don't officially get penalized until after I say so. So, if you miss a deadline but preform the action before I call you for it, you are fine.
* Missing your chance on Contestants' Row will be an automatic pass on your first offense and an ejection on your second.
* Missing your chance at the start of a pricing game will result in you being swapped with the next-closest player during that IUFB, and you will have to earn your way back onto the stage. Missing a deadline after you've given an action will result in an automatic loss.
* Missing on spin on the Showcase Showdown will get you a strike if you haven't gotten one before, and an ejection if you have or do it again!
* If you forget to bid on the Showcase, you will be replaced with the second place person from your Showcase Showdown.
* Audience, don't help during the IUFBs, but feel free to chime in anytime else!
* Have fun, and feel free to ask any questions, before or during the game!
Since this is Season 48, for your audition prompt, I want you to write a fake taping report to the show on 10/2/2019. Be as punctual or broad, serious or funny, but be creative, and I'll choose some of my favorites to come on down! I randomly chose a date, and haven't reread the recap, so I want you to give me a refresher in the most entertaining way possible! (if you want to pass, that's fine, this prompt is rather long tbh)

I'll start the show quickly, on 1/6/2021, a bit after noon EST. Good Luck, and happy new year!

I'm in!

Ever wanted to go on an easy Shopping Spree? This contestant did... and won! How about a game of Yahtzee for a new car!!!! No Yahtzee on this game of Let 'em Roll, though! Ok, how about getting that J. Geils Band song stuck in your head- just take a Freeze Frame; but our contestant didn't quite freeze the right frame. Remember that awesome Shopping Spree? Well, there's a sale going on, and some items are 2 for the Price of 1 (but not for our contestant)! We're all stuck in a Rat Race, but this contestant got out and found their way to a brand new car!! Finally, ever wanted to be cool like Plinkoman? All you have to do is prove to the world you are not a Push Over, and the final contestant did just that! And, I know all TPIR fans are cool, but are you $684 away from your showcase cool? The Showcase winner was! Help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered!

I'm in!

Six pricing games were played on the October 2, 2019 show, two of them for cars. I believe there were two Showcase Showdowns, as well as two Showcases presented.

Count me in. I would like to pass on the prompt.

I'm interested in playing...

MOD NOTE: Ineligible. Please read the Rules of the section to learn how to be eligible to play. Thanks :)


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